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We process your business queries relating to business, industry and economics and provide you information from the best and authentic information resources available in the country. We provide you following information services:

Services Available

  • Reference and referral: We provide consultation and reference on the subjects relating to industry, business and economics. We provide most updated and authentic reference resources available in the country.

  • Current Awareness: We bring out Book Alerts to inform our members about the latest reports and books in the field of business, industry and economics available with us and circulate the same to a wide range of interest groups across the industry.

  • Document Delivery: We arrange document delivery service on the requested subject that includes compiling information on a given subject from various sources available with us, productize the same and deliver to you on payment.

  • Database Search: We help you retrieve data from the electronic resources available with us. We provide offline access to wide range of electronic databases subscribed by us.

Facilities Available

  • Photocopy & print: We facilitate digital photocopy and laser prints from CD, internet and other databases.

  • Internet search: A separate Internet search station has been installed for users’ convenience with latest MS Office software. Broadband internet connection (2Mbps Lease Line) gives you fastest possible retrieval of the information on the net.

  • Membership Helpline: We have recently introduced membership helpline service to provide you quick information service. The Helpline Numbers are: 00-91-11-435 46244; and 00-91-99104 46244. CII's dedicated Membership Helpline Service is a one-stop solution for all your information needs. Our experienced (in-house) team will offer prompt and relevant responses to your queries.

  • Online Catalogue: For your ease on what is available in our library, we bring you online catalogue search facility.


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