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Retracing the Path to Prosperity: Lessons from India-China Partnership


Ties between India and China have undergone significant transformation in the last two decades. From being an insignificant player, China is now India’s largest trading partner with around US$ 75 billion worth goods traded last year and aiming to touch $ 100 billion by 2015. This report tries to capture contributions and successful strategies adopted by Indian companies invested in China. Apart from highlighting the contribution of Indian companies to Chinese economy, this bilingual (English & Chinese) book is a good reference for the potential investors to understand the strategies adopted by successful Indian Corporates.

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Insurance Industry: Challenges, Reforms and Realignment


The Indian insurance industry seems to be in a state of flux. A multitude of changes in the regulatory landscape has given little time to the industry to adjust to the changed market dynamics. Despite the challenges the insurance industry remains a market with huge potential for growth and emergence of individual lines of business like health. This report looks at the current state of the insurance industry, the challenges faced in the areas of product, distribution, claims management and cost of operations within the overall regulatory and economic environment and outlines steps that could be taken to ensure that the industry achieves its potential.

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Is There A Silver Lining? The Indian Mutual Fund Industry


The mutual fund industry, today presents a picture of opportunity and challenges. As the industry sensitises itself to the changing regulatory landscape, business strategies are endeavoring to respond to these developments. Notwithstanding the recent growth challenges, mutual funds continue to be an efficient vehicle offering varied investment products at a reasonable cost to households to participate in the long-term growth prospects of our economy. This report attempts to take an all around view of the dynamics and focuses on looking for the hidden opportunities in this sector.
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Green Company (GreenCo) Rating System: Reference Guide

GreenCo reference guide clearly outlines the goal, compliance options, document submittals required for each credit under the GreenCo rating system. It provides the background for each parameter, strategies for implementation, case studies and resources for each of the 10 parameters under the green company rating system. It describes the step by step procedure to be adopted for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, GHG emissions reduction, waste management, material conservation and recycling, etc. It showcases some of the best practices across the globe in the field of ecological sustainability. It also provides useful information on some of the newer concepts under the rating system like product stewardship, green supply chain and life cycle assessment.

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Doing Business with Eurasia

Despite the historically friendly bilateral relationship between India and countries of Eurasia, B-2-B interactions have been insignificant, resulting in a huge business deficit. The Eurasian region constitutes less than 2% share in India’s total Global Trade. And, this is despite the fact that the Eurasian region, including Russia, having a combined population of approximately 300 million with a combined GDP (PPP) of $3000 billion approximately. This book is a first-of-its-kind that addresses most of the business issues by providing a reference material to the business community of India and Eurasia.

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The Karnataka State Level Skill Survey Report 2020

This report reveals that nearly 3.5 million additional blue-collar workers will be required in Karnataka by 2020 in construction, manufacturing, travel and tourism sectors.  The survey, jointly carried out by the CII, the Labour Department and the Department of Employment and Training, Karnataka. The study suggested multiple-level training in schools, a culture of vocational training after schooling, and adult education courses, among others, to bridge the skill gap.

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Carving a new path through innovation

The Report provides an insight into how innovation has become a key necessity for banks to adapt to the dynamic industry landscape. It contains views of leading banks on how technology is leading the growth in the sector. The report takes a look at the key innovations across the industry, their benefits and the way forward. The survey revealed that managing customer experience, new technologies, emerging products and services are the key drivers for these innovations. Thus, the three key themes that emerge from the report are customer-centricity, innovation in service delivery models and the usage of emerging technologies.

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Power Scenario in Northern India: A Report

Two decades of power sector reforms in India has significantly altered its structural landscape in favour of greater private sector participation, supply diversification, unbundling and corporatization. Today most states in India have embarked on this reform journey and find themselves at different stages within the larger reform process. This report attempts to capture the impact that the reform process has had on the performance of the power sector in the northern region, the largest of the four geographical zones in India. The report presents detailed statistical updates on key parameters of relevance to the assessment of the power sector in eight states namely Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Delhii and one union territory i.e. Chandigarh.

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Power Scenario in Western India

The report on ‘Power Scenario in Western India’ seeks to analyze the performance of the power sector across the three states in the western region namely - Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The report presents a detailed statistical inference on the key parameters of relevance for assessing the power sector characteristics of the three states and identifies areas for improvement. The report also analyzes the future power scenario in the selected states and estimates the power deficit/surplus position in 2016-17.

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Power Scenario in Eastern India: A Report

This report aims to present detailed statistical updates on key parameters of relevance to the assessment of the power sector in the Eastern Region. Five states namely Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and West Bengal are covered in the report. The report is structured in two parts. The first part makes a detailed state-wise assessment of key power sector trends, while the second part presents a comparative picture of trends across states in the region.

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LEED India CS (For Core and Shell) Reference Guide

LEED –India CS Reference Guide for Core & Shell can be used for projects where the developer controls the design and construction of the entire core and shell base building including MEP/FP systems, but has no controls over the design and construction of the tenant fit-out. Examples of this type of project are commercial office buildings, medical office building, retail centre, and warehouse or lab facility. The guide could also be referred for IGBC Accredited Green Building Professional Exam.

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A Guidebook on Enhancing Credit Worthiness

The complexities of current businesses have opened up new avenues of growth, throwing up new analytical challenges for lenders to assess the creditworthiness of enterprises. There are key challenges for banks while disbursing credit. Knowledge about the risks faced by the banks helps an enterprise to shape up their finances accordingly. Attention towards factors like business models, relative standing among peers and management helps to enhance the credit worthiness of the enterprise. This Guidebook on Enhancing Credit Worthiness contains valuable insights and case studies to help the enterprises comprehend the various parameters associated with creditworthiness and enunciate a roadmap to enhance the same.

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Skill Gap Analysis of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is India’s one of the youngest and fastest growing states. It has a favorable industrial relations environment and abundant power and water for industrial needs. Industrial land is also available at reasonable rates. While the rapidly developing economy would be creating employment opportunities, it is imperative that the state of Chhattisgarh produces ‘Ready-to-Deploy’ skilled resources. This study estimates the skill set requirement for the year 2015, identifies the functional and behavioral skill set gap between the future demand of manpower and the current availability in the state and recommends steps to address the skill set gaps identified.

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Investment Climate in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is regarded as one of the most dynamic hill states of India which is high on human development indices. The major focus industries in the State are agro based and agro processing industries, horticulture, cement and tourism. Besides these the State has also attracted investment in the pharmaceuticals, IT and engineering industries. The state has strong hydro-power base because of its rich water resources and topography and accounts for 25 percent of the Country’s hydro power potential. The State was successful in attracting foreign investment close to Rs. 47,000 million during the period from April 2000 to April 2011. The GSDP at constant prices (2004-05) of the state has also shown a CAGR of 8.42 percent in the period from 2004-05 to 2010-11. The topographical variations and altitudinal, differences coupled with rich pool of semi skilled and unskilled labour aids investment in the State. The report details the same.

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Best Practices Manual on Industrial Solid Waste Management: Vol:1

The Best Practices Manual is a collection of over 45 solid waste management projects implemented by industries across various sectors. Each project outlines the objective & salient features, benefits achieved and its replication potential amongst the sectors. These projects were presented at the CII-Environmental Best Practices Award -2011 and 2012.

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Tourism in Maharashtra

Maharashtra, one of India’s front ranking industrial and commercial states, also has an immense potential to develop as a major tourist destination given the diversity of tourist themes offered by the various destinations in the state. The study is an attempt to examine the state specific niche areas for tourism, highlight issues which are critical to each area, and draw attention to those areas which merit prioritized focus. The CII study assumes special importance in a context where various states are competing to become preferred tourist destinations for both domestic and foreign visitors.

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Best Practices Manual- Pulp & Paper Industry- Vol: 5

The fifth volume in the series compiled the best practices implemented in the visited mills and the best practices of the other mills and contains their operational experiences latest as on May 31 2012. During Papertech 2012, this volume of the “Best Practices Manual – Pulp & paper Industry” was released on June 7, 2012 at Hyderabad.

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Manual on Thermal Energy Efficiency in Cement Industry

The Government of India in consultation with Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has released the PAT targets for the period from 2012-13 to 2014-15 in relation to their current level of energy consumption. Cement industry needs to focus more on Thermal Energy Efficiency in its endeavour to achieve the PAT targets. This manual serves as a ready reckoner on thermal energy efficiency including latest norms and best practices to reduce thermal Specific Energy Consumption.

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Economy & Industry

CII, in partnership with Business Standard, has launched a magazine titled ‘Economy & Industry’, a bi-monthly economic and industry thought-leader. Economy & Industry covers matters of specific interest to industry members from all sectors of the economy. The key areas outlined are policies for economic growth and industrial development, industry competitiveness, and leadership and management. It offers industry perspectives on critical economic policies impacting enterprises, with analysis and comments from top economic thinkers and industry leaders.The magazine presents valuable insights from CII’s expertise in a range of competitiveness services such as quality, sustainability, resource management and efficiency.

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Economy Watch

CII Economy Watch is a monthly report. The publication covers in-depth analysis of the domestic and international economy. It contains the most regularly updated statistics along with descriptive analysis for a range of lead economic indicators. The Monthly Review provides a clear integrated view of where the Indian economy stands today and where it is likely to head.

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CII Communique

Communique is the monthly journal of the Confederation of Indian Industry. An in-house compilation of news, views and reviews of events and policies that impact CII membership in industry, business and the economy, in a global milieu, the CII Communique reaches thought-leaders in Indian industry and government in the third week of every month.  The publication usually have 76-80 pages addresses a clearly defined niche audience with features on a wide-range of subjects, extensive coverage of CII events and activities and updates on CII's work and perspectives across the world in areas spanning Development Initiatives, Track two diplomacy, Environment, Technology, Innovation and Corporate Governance, as well as Industry and the Economy.

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Sustainability Tomorrow

The CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development brings out a quarterly magazine titled Sustainability Tomorrow. It apprises readers of the current issues on environment and sustainable development; it focuses on sustainable development issues on a macro as well as a sectoral basis. It has a large subscription base among Industry, relevant government departments, Members of Parliament, Research & Educational Institutions and Civil society across the country and abroad.  The magazine features articles, interviews and analysis by experts on the subject. In the past we have covered; Forestry, Mining, Tourism, Water, Construction, Clean Technologies, Transportation, Urban Development, Food Security, Low Carbon Economy, Sustainable Consumption, Infrastructure, Biodiversity and Climate Change.

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