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CII Library subscribes following databases in the electronic form.

  1. Indiastat.com: provides authentic source of information on Indian statistics collected from the best sources available that contain socio-economic statistical data and useful information on India. Statistics available are on health, education, agricultural and industrial production, micro-economic statistics, tourism, bank and financial institutions, companies, co-operatives, crime and law, population, foreign trade, labour and workforce, housing, media, power, transport, urban-rural settlements and economy in India and many more.

  2. Business Beacon is a comprehensive time-series database on the Indian economy covering 9,808 economic indicators in upto six frequencies. This includes data on broad sectors: Population and Demography; National Income Statistics; Public Finance; Money & Banking; Agriculture; Industry; Prices; Energy; Transport; Capital Markets; Investment Trends; Foreign Trade & the External Sector; Tourism; Health; Education and Employment; etc.

  3. Economic Intelligence Service: - provides an incisive analysis of about 100 industries, every month. It contains forecasts and provides a detailed time-series database on the industries.

  4. Capex: The CapEx database provides information and insights on the new capacities coming up in India in the near or medium-term future. It is useful to plan future business prospects and also for current business prospects. CapEx is updated every day by CMIE's dedicated team of analysts. 

  5. Ace Equity: ACE Equity (Desktop Application) is a corporate database provides latest / historical,  financial and non financial information with listed & unlisted companies in India.  We provide the complete information available in the Annual Report of the companies like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Interim Results, Holdings, Reports etc.  We  cover more than 1100 Financial data points with  in depth coverage for analysis.  ACE Equity financial data is presented in 10 standardized Industry formats namely, Manufacturing, Banking, Finance (Broking & NBFC), Software, Shipping, Hotel, Media, Hospitality, Real Estate & Power with powerful query module. 

  6. CII Membership Database: This database provides details of around 9000 members of CII. The database provides contact address, company profiles, turnover, manpower, etc.

  7. Online Catalogues: Central Library maintains a database of books available in the library and these records are available for online search. Currently there are more than 10,000 book records which can be retrieved and referred in the library.

  8. Knowledge Bank: The Online Resource Centre available through mycii.in gives access to CII Publications, Training Materials, Compendium of Case Studies, Research Reports, Presentations, Articles, Newsletters, Conference Proceedings, Policy Papers and many more items.

  9. Video Library: Is a platform giving access to recordings of keynote addresses of major events/conferences of CII.

  10. CII Photogallery: CII Photo Gallery is the database of photographs of CII events. The selected print photographs (available in the library) have been, catalogued and digitized with complete details. The digital photographs are stored on our Intranet server for online access. The database is maintained by CII Central Library based at Gurgaon and provides access to more than 50,000 lakh images. Presently, this database contains  photographs of CII events.  This website allows to browse through events and perform search on parameters such as name of person, keywords, date, event title, and country. Only internal users have right to access this database. Photos can be made available to outside visitors on payment. For more information, please contact CII library.

  11. B2B zone: B2B zone on mycii.in is a recent online offering with an objective towards ensuring active B2B possibilities within membership and other external stakeholders. This offering will enable information dissemination on sourcing business propositions / opportunities of external stakeholders like government departments, PSUs, embassies and large scale companies etc. By enabling this feature on mycii.in for events and conferences, delegates can get access to the list of other registered participants and send meeting requests for networking though at the same time, in accordance with our policy, the contact details of the participants will not be divulged.

Note: Above databases are available for reference to library members only. Conditions apply.


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