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August 2009

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Title : The state of agricultural commodities markets 2009, high food prices and the food crisis - experiences and lessons learned
Pub. Details : FAO, 2009
Abstract :

In the first half of 2008, the world was facing the highest food price levels in 30 years and a global food insecurity crisis. Although international food prices have since fallen, they are still above the levels seen in recent years and are expected to remain so. FAO estimates that soaring food prices pushed another 115 million people into chronic hunger in 2007 and 2008, bringing the world total to nearly one billion hungry people. This report explains why food prices increased and the steps needed to ensure that high food prices become an opportunity for developing country farmers to help safeguard world food supplies at affordable prices. It focuses on the extent to which "new" explanations - biofuel demand, record oil prices and increasing food demand in China and India - can account for the sudden food price inflation as well as the role of traditional market drivers. It also explores why so few producers in developing countries responded by investing more and increasing production. The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets 2009 aims to bring to a wider public an accessible discussion of agricultural commodity market issues and policy matters. It seeks to provide an objective and straightforward treatment of economic issues for all those interested in agricultural commodity market developments and their impact on developing countries. Full Report

Subject : Agricultural market , Food crisis , Agriculture


Title : The audacity of hope: thoughts on reclaiming the American dream
Author : Barack Obama
Pub. Details : Canongate Books Ltd.: New York, 2006
Abstract :

This title presents Barack Obama's political vision for the future of America. If Barack Obama is successful in his quest to become President of the United States, he will dramatically change the face that his country presents to the world. In this best selling book, Obama discusses the importance of empathy in politics, his hopes for a different America with different policies, and how the ideals of its democracy can be renewed. With intimacy and self-deprecating humour, Obama describes his experiences as a politician, about balancing his family life and his public vocation. His each for consensus and his respect for the democratic process inform every sentence. A senator and a lawyer, a professor and a father, a Christian and a sceptic, Barack Obama has written a book of transforming power that will inspire people the world over. It is an autobiography and covers politics.

Subject : Autobiography , Political vision , Politics , Constitution , Republicans and democrats


Title : India's top banks 2009
Pub. Details : Dun and Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt. Ltd. : Mumbai , 2009
Abstract : This book provides an insight into the Indian banking industry with a focus on the performance and profiles of the banking institutions.
Subject : Banking industry in India , Top banks in India , Banking industry - Profiles - India


Title : India’s experience with fiscal rules: an evaluation and the way forward
Author : Alejandro Sergio Simone and Petia Topalova
Pub. Details : International Monetary Fund, 2009
Abstract :

This paper examines India's experience with fiscal rules with a view to inform the design of a possible successor fiscal framework to the FRBMA. Among several proposals to strengthen the FRBMA, a framework that focuses medium-term fiscal policy on debt sustainability by the use of a medium term debt target, and annual nominal expenditure growth rules is proposed. This approach tackles the deficit bias at its core and enables countercyclical fiscal policy through automatic stabilizers. Numerical targets should be supported by structural reform measures for both revenues and expenditures, while the coverage of the fiscal rules should be expanded Full Report

Subject : Indian numerical fiscal Rules and fiscal Discipline , Fiscal policy , Banking and Finance


Title : Listening to grass hoppers: field notes on democracy
Author : Arundhati Roy
Pub. Details : Penguin Group: New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

Combining brilliant political insight and razor-sharp prose, Arundhati Roy in these essays, takes a hard look at the underbelly of the world’s largest democracy, and shows how the journey that Hindu nationalism and neoliberal economic reforms began together in the early 1990s is unraveling in dangerous ways.
Beginning with the state-backed killing of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002, she writes about how ‘progress’ and genocide have historically gone hand in hand; about the murky investigations into the 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament; about the dangers of an increasingly powerful and entirely unaccountable judiciary; and about the collusion between large corporations, the government and the mainstream media. The collection ends with an account of the August 2008 uprising in Kashmir and an analysis of the November 2008 attacks on Mumbai. ‘The Briefing’, included as an appendix, is a fictional text that brings together many of the issues central to the collection.
As it tracks the fault-lines that threaten to destroy India’s precarious future, Listening to Grasshoppers asks fundamental questions about democracy itself, a political system that has, by virtue of being considered ‘the best available option’, been put beyond doubt and correction.

Subject : Politics , Democracy


Title : The idea of justice
Author : Amartya Sen
Pub. Details : Penguin: England, 2009
Abstract :

This major philosophical work, by one of the world's leading public intellectuals, constructs a new theory of justice, not from abstract ideals or notions of what perfect institutions and rules might be, but from what the results of a system are practically, in the world. It highlights the importance of public reasoning and argues that a system of justice should require the agreement not just of the community which is making laws, but of outsiders who might be affected, or who might have valuable perspectives to offer. The methods and conclusions of the book have implications for many different fields of intellectual activity, not only those connected with justice. It is the most ambitious and wide-ranging book.

Subject : Political philosophy , Judgments , Democracy and justice


Title : BAI members directory: construction industry referencer 2008
Pub. Details : Maya Enterprises, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

Members directory of Builders Association of India.

Subject : Builders association , Construction industry , Infrastructure


Title : Directory of central government officials 2009
Pub. Details : Delhi Information Bureau, New Delhi , 2009
Abstract :

This directory provides important information of Central Government officials, President of India  Vice President of India, Council of Ministers, Secretaries, Governors, Judges, Chief Ministers, Chief Secretaries, Resident commissioners, etc.

Subject :

Directory , Central Government , President of India , Vice President of India , Council of Ministers , Secretaries , Governors , Judges , Chief Ministers , Chief Secretaries , Resident commissioners, Ministries , Member of Parliament , India


Title : Directory of Diplomatic Missions and Consulates 2009
Pub. Details : Delhi Information Bureau, New Delhi , 2009
Abstract :

This directory contains: Name of Embassies, Ambassador, Secretaries, Counsellor, & Members Addresses, Phone, Telex, Fax & E- mail numbers of Foreign Diplomatic Missions in India and abroad.

Subject :

Diplomatic missions in India , Directory , Embassies , Ambassador , Secretaries , Counsellor , Members Addresses , Foreign Diplomatic Missions , Consulate General , Honorary Consulate General In India , Indian Diplomatic Missions & Consulates Abroad


Title : Directory of 15th Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members 2009
Pub. Details : Delhi Information Bureau, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

This directory is the listing of 13th Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members, providing both official and residential address.

Subject :

Directory , Lok Sabha , Rajya Sabha Members , Official and Residential Address , India


Title : Accelerating power sector growth
Pub. Details : Confederation of Indian Industry, 2009
Abstract :

The CII national committee on power in its report entitled 'Accelerating Power Sector Growth' has put forth key recommendations for addressing the challenges that continue to affect the power sector while laying down the framework for growth and develo9pment of the sector. The recommendations are linked to the expert suggestions made by the committee on (i) power tariffs, (ii) fuel linkages and associated infrastructure development (iii) hydropower (iv) IT interface for demand side management and energy efficiency (v) transmission and (vi) climate change.

Subject :

Power sector , Infrastructure development , Hydropower development , Climate change , Energy


Title : Economic development in Africa 2009: strengthening regional economic integration for Africa's development 
Pub. Details : UNCTAD, 2009
Abstract :

The Economic Development in Africa Report 2009 focuses on ways of strengthening regional economic integration for Africa´s development. It complements existing institutional analyses of regional integration in Africa with an economic analysis of trade in goods and services, migration and investment.
The report surveys recent trends in these flows and assesses the potential for increasing them in ways that will support economic development.
The report finds that - when designed and implemented within a broader development strategy to promote economic diversification, structural changes and technological development - regional integration could help enhance productive capacities of African economies, realize economies of scale, improve competitiveness and serve as a launching pad for African economies´ effective participation in the global economy. Full Report

Subject :

African economies , trade and investment , Economic development in Africa


Title : Economic survey 2008-2009
Pub. Details :

Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs, Economic Division, Government of India: New Delhi, 2009

Abstract :

A Government of India survey of economic development during the year 2008-2009 dealing with the topics such as; Public finance, Monetary and banking developments, securities markets, prices and food management, External sector, industry, agriculture, infrastructure, social sectors.

Subject :

Economic survey , Statistics , India , Economic indicators , Public finance , Monetary and banking developments , securities markets , prices and food management , External sector , industry , agriculture , infrastructure , social sector


Title : Globalization : creating a boundaryless HR - HR practitioners persective
Author : Subir Verma (Ed.)
Pub. Details : Excel Books: New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

This book is a collection of selected papers from young HR professionals. These papers highlight their perspectives, experiences and expectations from the role of HR in a flat, albeit, uneven world.

Subject : Global HR practices , Globalisation , Human resources


Title : Monthly review of the Indian economy ( August 2009 )
Pub. Details : Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt Ltd (CMIE): Mumbai, 2009
Abstract :

Update on Indian economy until July 2009 including a brief report card on the economic growth.

Subject :

Economic review of Indian economy , Statistics , Annual indicators , GDP Growth , Inflation , Interest rates , Balance of Payments , Public Finance , Agriculture , Energy , Infrastructure , Industry , Corporate sector , Capital market , Money & Banking , Foreign trade


Title : Industrial development report 2009
Pub. Details : United Nations Industrial Development Organization: Austria, 2009
Abstract :

The report on developing countries are facing a number of severe challenges - continued high levels of poverty, volatile commodity and food prices, global economic slowdown triggered by the worst turbulences seen in international financial market for more than a generation, and the threat of climate change with potentially irreversible consequences. Meanwhile, the trend towards globalization has caused dramatic shifts in the world economy, while the emergence of new industrial power is redefining traditional patterns of production and trade.

Subject :

Industrial development , Industrial and trade policies , Global manufacturing


Title : World investment prospects surveys 2009-2011
Pub. Details : UNCTAD, 2009
Abstract :

The focus of this year´s World Investment Prospects Survey is the global economic and financial crisis and its impact on the FDI plans of TNCs.
UNCTAD surveyed a sample of 240 company executives from the largest non-financial TNCs about the effect of the crisis on their international investment strategies during the next three years.
This report is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1 provides an assessment of the global FDI outlook for 2009-2011. Chapters 2 and 3 offer insights into specific trends by home region and industry respectively, and Chapter 4 focuses on prospects by host region and country. Full Report

Subject :

Financial Crisis , Investment plans , FDI plans


Title :

Global Wage Report 2008/09: Minimum wages and collective bargaining: Towards policy coherence

Pub. Details : International Labour Organization: Geneva, 2008
Abstract :

This report collates and elaborates on data made available to the ILO through national statistical offi ces, Ministries of Labour and other institutions. There is much work ahead in order to improve the scope, regularity and comparability of information and data on levels, trends and distribution of wages. The ILO is ready to assist in this effort together with other national, regional and global institutions. Strengthening the social dimension of globalization also implies investing more resources in collecting and making available data on social outcomes of economic growth. Full Report

Subject :

International trade, Foreign direct investment, Labour migration, Aggregate wages, Labour relations


Title : Global Employment Trends 2009
Pub. Details : International Labour Organization: Geneva, 2009
Abstract :

Prepared to provide an update to the ILO’s previous projects of the potential impact of the crisis on labour markets in 2009, this Global Employment Trends Update estimates that global unemployment could increase by between 29 million (lowest scenario) and 59 million (highest scenario) unemployed people in 2009 versus 2007, with a middle scenario of 39 million. All three scenarios imply severe labour market distress worldwide, whereby the sudden drop in the availability of job opportunities is leading to a build up in unemployment and deterioration in other labour market indicators. Full Report

Subject :

Global employment trends , Global GDP growth, Labour market impacts , global scenarios for unemployment, vulnerable employment and working poverty


Title : The least developed countries report, 2009
Pub. Details : United Nations: Geneva, 2009
Abstract :

The global crisis has undermined the factors that enabled strong GDP growth performance in LDCs in 2002-2008, exposing once again both the lingering structural weaknesses of their economies, and the myth of self-regulating markets. Full Report

Subject :

Least developed countries , Macroeconomic challenges , Agenda for agricultural policy , Industrial policy , Global economic crisis , Poverty


Title : Industry market size and shares ( April 2009 )
Pub. Details : Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt Ltd (CMIE): Mumbai , 2009
Abstract :

This book provides detail and up-to-date information on Industry market size and shares. This book aims to provide statistics on the size, growth and composition of Indian manufacturing industries at the level of the individual product.

Subject : Market size and shares of Indian manufacturing industry


Title : India Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises report 2008
Pub. Details : Institute of Small Enterprises and Development, Cochin, 2008
Abstract :

This report series, is a flagship project of the institute of small Enterprises and Development, initiated by the ISED Small Enterprises Observatory (ISED-SEO). This project is a tool to address the invisibility syndrome that shrouds the small enterprise economy of the country. Public policy is an initiative which emerges as a response to 'visible' demands. the demands from the SME sector are often debilitated by inadequate visibility, due to technical and political constraints. Naturally, while employment promotion, balanced regional development, export promotion, etc, are key concerns articulated in public policy platforms, the practice remains far from that. Commitment to SME promotion can be expected better, where the case for the SME sector is scientifically articulated. The principle aim of the MSMER series is to put forward an independent and scholarly view of the state of micro, small and medium enterprises on an yearly basis.

Subject : Global economy , Indian economy , Economic crisis , SMEs , MSMEs


Title : National income statistics (July 2009)
Pub. Details : Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt Ltd ( CMIE ), Mumbai , 2009
Abstract :

This book presents a series of documents that provide detail and up-to-date information on national income statistics for 2008-2009.

Subject :

National income statistics , GDP by industry , Gross national product and related indicators , Net domestic product by industry


Title : India's top PSUs 2009
Pub. Details : Dun and Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt. Ltd. : Mumbai , 2009
Abstract : This publication highlights the various aspects of growth and performance of leading central public sector undertakings in India.
Subject : Top PSUs of India , Public sector undertakings


Title : Punjab Industrial Review 2009
Pub. Details : UNIDO: Geneva, 2009
Abstract : 

The objective of this study is to prepare a medium-term strategy for the recovery and growth of the industrial sector in Punjab against the backdrop of resurgent growth in the Indian economy, the improved performance of the industrial sector generally across India, and the expanding opportunities offered by the greater integration of the Indian economy with the rest of the world. Full Report

Subject :

Industrial Strategy for Punjab , Human Resource Development , Economic Growth and Industrialization , Challenges of Infrastructure & Skill Development


Title : UNIDO and Renewable Energy: Greening the Industrial Agenda 2009
Pub. Details : United Nations: Geneva, 2009
Abstract :

UNIDO is a leading provider of services for improved industrial energy efficiency, enhanced use of renewable sources of energy and promotion of cleaner technologies. The report describes UNIDO’s activities to promote renewable energy. Full Report

Subject :

Renewable energy for industrial applications , Solar energy , Wind energy , Bioenergy


Title : The god delusion
Author : Richard Dawkins
Pub. Details : Transword Publishers: London, 2006
Abstract :

Richard Dawkins’ book is a passionate argument against religious believes. In ten chapters, he presents the most commonly raised points in favor of religion, for the existence of a God, and in favor of tolerating both, for then to meticulously debunk them and expose their fallacies. His writing style is very clear while being entertaining, though he gets occasionally somewhat polemic. In many cases he anticipates objections a believer would raise and deals with them right away, which makes it very easy to follow his line of thought. The book tells that Dawkins has plenty of experience with arguing about this topic, and he draws from a huge reservoir of anecdotes. His main message is that atheists should voice their opinions more openly, not back up, and not quietly tolerate religion for it can be harmful.

Subject : Religion , God delusion


Title : Trade and Climate Change
Pub. Details : World Trade Organization: Geneva, 2009
Abstract :

This Report provides an overview of the key linkages between trade and climate change based on a review of available literature and a survey of relevant national policies.
The Report begins with a summary of the current state of scientific knowledge on existing and projected climate change; on the impacts associated with climate change; and on the available options for responding, through mitigation and adaptation, to the challenges posed by climate change. The Report highlights that the scientific evidence regarding climate change is compelling. Based on a review of thousands of scientific publications, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has concluded that the warming of the Earth’s climate system is “unequivocal”, and that human activities are “very likely” the cause of this warming. Full Report

Subject :

Trade and climate change , Climate change mitigation and adaptation


Title : Warehousing without walls: a perspective of the warehousing industry and the way ahead
Pub. Details : CII Institute of logistics and Ernst & Young, 2009
Abstract :

This paper present views on how to improve and make warehousing more efficient, given the difficult economic conditions faced by the industry today.

Subject :

Supply chain , Logistics and warehousing , Warehousing infrastructure , Warehousing market


Title : Environment best practices : industry initiatives
Author : R K Narang (Ed.)
Pub. Details : TERI Press: New Delhi, 2009
Abstract : The compendium contains case studies from some of the leaders of the Indian industry, both in the public and private sectors. The case studies have been classified into the following four broad categories.
1. Water and waste water management
2. Waste management and resource conservation
3. Process improvement and product innovation
4. Environment management system
Subject :

Waste water management , Waste management , Environment management system


Title :

Seminar on water resources management: role for water sector in India [21-22 February 2008: New Delhi]

Pub. Details : Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

Proceedings of the seminar on water resources management: role for water sector in India [21-22 February 2008: New Delhi]

Subject :

Water resources development , Water resources management


Title : World investment report 2008: transnational corporations and the infrastructure challenge
Pub. Details : UNCTAD: Geneva, 2008
Abstract :

Global foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows continued to rise in 2007 and reached a new record despite the onset of the financial and credit crisis. All the three major groups of economies – developed countries, developing countries, and the transition economies of South-East Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States – and virtually all regions saw continued growth in FDI. The crisis seems to have affected FDI flows in 2008, however, and transnational corporations (TNCs) recently appear to have become more cautious in their investment plans. This year the Report focuses on the role of TNCs in infrastructure development, including many from the South, arguing that developing countries cannot link into the global economy and export products at competitive prices without sufficient -- and good quality -- electricity, telecommunications, and transport networks. The main potential benefits of involving TNCs in the development and management of infrastructure are capital injection and transfers of technology and management know-how. These firms can help enhance efficiency in infrastructure services, increase supply, and improve quality. But various risks and costs also need to be considered and the Report argues that TNCs can complement, but not replace, domestic public and private investment in infrastructure. In particular, they are unlikely to assume costs and risks associated with projects that target the poorest segments of society unless offered subsidies or guarantees to ensure cost recovery. The Report further explores how the participation of TNCs mobilizes financial resources for infrastructure investment and how these activities affect industry performance. It highlights the complex policy challenges facing developing countries seeking to use TNCs to spur improvements in such fields as transport and electricity supply and stresses the need for active support of such countries by their development partners. There is no one-size-fits-all solution as policy priorities and options vary between countries at different levels of development and with different characteristics. Government agencies need to develop the necessary institutional capacity and skills to guide, negotiate, regulate and monitor infrastructure projects. Full Report

Subject :

FDI and international production , Financial development , World investment , Introduction - Developing countries , Infrastructure challenge



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Defcom India 2009: informatics for defence force transformation and technology development in the information age [27-29 May 2009: New Delhi] - Technical Journal


5th conclave on India-Africa project partnership 2009 [22-24 March 2009: New Delhi] - A Report


Union Budget 2009-10: memorandum (May 2009)

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Visionary leaders for manufacturing : a learning community history by David Walden, 2008 - Report


Warehousing without walls: a perspective of the warehousing industry and the way ahead, 2009 - Report


Accelerating power sector growth, 2009 - Report


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