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June 2009

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Title : Changing dynamics: India's aerospace industry
Pub. Details : Confederation of Indian Industry and PricewaterhouseCoopers, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

This report aims to capture the perspectives, key developments and drivers in the Global and Indian aerospace sector, the challenges and the opportunities the sector offers for India being considered as a critical base and destination in the value chain  for aerospace manufacturing and the rendering of MRO services. The report also considers the issues and concerns of foreign and local players in the field and offers some suggestions for policy changes and actions by industry for the sector to grow.

Subject : Aerospace , Defence industry


Title : Technology solutions : a primer for combating counterfeiting & piracy
Pub. Details : Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ) : Gurgaon , 2008
Abstract :

The objective of this manual is not to present a detailed analysis of the counterfeiting problem in India. The senior management of most Indian companies is already painfully aware of both the nature and impact that counterfeiters are exerting on their brand equity, consumer confidence, and financial bottom line. Rather, the purpose in creating this document was to assemble current information on technological solutions that are available to Indian companies and assist them in adopting a sound strategy for protecting their brands through effective technology application. As a result, this manual has been written with the twin goals of pedagogy and advocacy. The manual concludes with a comparison of the various anti-counterfeiting technologies and an objective assessment of which ones are likely to be best suited for the Indian marketplace. Full Report

Subject : Technology solutions , Brand protection , Anti counterfeiting


Title : An autobiography or the story of my experiments with truth
Author : M K Gandhi
Pub. Details : Penguin Group, New Delhi, 2006
Abstract :

The Story of My Experiments with Truth (transliterated: Satyanā Prayogo athvā Ātmakathā) is the autobiography of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, covering his life from early childhood through to 1920. It was initiated at the insistence of Swami Anand and other close co-workers of Gandhi, for him to explain the background of his public campaigns. In 1999, the book was designated as one of the "100 Most Important Spiritual Books of the 20th Century" by HarperCollins publishers

Subject : Autobiography , M K Gandhi


Title : National seminar on emerging and existing opportunities for the capital goods industry [ 27 February 2009 : New Delhi ]
Pub. Details : Confederation of Indian Industry, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

Proceedings of the National seminar on emerging and existing opportunities for the capital goods industry [ 27 February 2009 : New Delhi ]

Subject : Fertilizer sector , Oil and gas sector , Textile sector , Mining sector , Power sector , Steel sector , Roadway and highway sector , Railway sector


Title : Delhi : India in one city
Pub. Details : Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

'Dilli' is the heart of India. It embodies centuries of life and living, of changing cityscapes and fine architectural masterpieces that draw together ancient fortresses, mediaeval cities, and a metropolis that has, without hesitation, embraced the diverse, multilayered and dynamic reality of India and all Indians. This book walks you through some of the symbols that compel Delhi to stand apart, showcasing an old civilization and more importantly, an energetic, creative and entrepreneurial young nation grappling with the excitement of constant reinvention, of change. Delhi has the best of all worlds within her open borders, from the ancient past to the vibrant present and Dilliwallahs are an engaging lot, proud of their epic legacy, raring to keep the ethos of change alive. Contents : First City - Sheila Dikshit / Preface - Malvika Singh / Delhi: Flowing with Time - Pavan K. Varma / The Jewel in the Crown - William Dalrymple / Along the Jamuna / The Circle of Seasons / Embracing Many Faiths / A Vibrant, Changing Cityscape / Connecting the People / The Bazaars / Unmatched Eating and Drinking / Myriad Style / The Amphitheatre of the Arts / Luxury and Hospitality

Subject : City profile , Delhi , Places of importance , Views about Delhi


Title : We are like that only : understanding the logic of consumer India
Author : Rama Bijapurkar
Pub. Details : Penguin Portfolio, New Delhi, 2007
Abstract :

Taking cues from economics, demography, history, culture, philosophy and good old common sense, Rama Bijapurkar makes sense of the complex and inscrutable Indian market-the many Consumer India, their diverse and schizophrenic consumer behaviour and the way to make your company's fortune in this billion plus market. Incisively analytical, this book explains why the Indian consumer is 'like that only', why Consumer India will not change in a hurry and what it takes to build winning businesses in such a market. A powerful book, it is the definitive epitaph for formula strategy approaches to India's consumer markets, especially of the 'global' transplant kind.

Subject : Consumer in India, Consumerism


Title : Corporate blogging in India
Author : Rajeev Karwal, Preeti Chaturvedi
Pub. Details : Wisdom Tree, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

A first of its kind, the book is a sincere attempt to consolidate developments in the area of business and corporate blogging. It presents case studies from industries as diverse as technology and travel to financial services and SMEs to get an understanding of where corporate blogging is and where it is headed in times to come.

Subject : Corporate blogging


Title : Tackling corruption , transforming lives : accelerating human development in Asia and the pacific
Pub. Details : United Nations Development Programme, & Macmillan, Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

The Report is action-oriented, and proposes a seven-point agenda for change, building upon ongoing anti-corruption efforts. These parallel and reinforce efforts for achieving the MDGs by improving developmental results and building the tools to deliver. The Report therefore provides a coherent, comprehensive vision for tackling the problem of corruption in the Asia-Pacific region, and proposes interventions that add to a concerted, robust response. Full Report

Subject : corruption , Justice , Public services , Health services , Education services , Public utilities , Natural resources , Civil service reform , Media , Civil service


Title : A values route to business success : the why and how of employing persons with disability
Pub. Details : Confederation of Indian Industry & Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre, Bangalore, 2009
Abstract :

This Manual is a comprehensive document containing a vast amount of very useful information and advise that should prove to be a great boon to companies that wish to employ people with disability but do not know how to get started and desire to accomplish task both smoothly and successfully.

Subject : Disability management strategy , Legislation , Employment , Recruitment process , Job analysis , Communication , Employment


Title : India of my dreams
Author : Surendra Kumar and Pradeep K Kapur (Eds.)
Pub. Details : Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

A unique collection of thoughts, ideas, views and vision of some of the brightest brains and most respected individuals - from senior cabinet ministers to role model captains of industry; from internationally acclaimed economists to diplomats par excellence and think-tank honchos; from IT innovators to provocative journalists-all jostle together in this volume sharing glimpses of India of their dreams.

Subject : Indian economic forecasting , Indian economic policy , India - Social prediction , Politics and government , 21st century


Title : White paper on establishing independent accreditation & regulation systems: directions for change (April 2009)
Pub. Details : Confederation of Indian Industry, ICRIER, NASSCOM
Abstract :

This paper describes the exiting, vis-a-vis the required trends in accreditation of education in India in conjunction with practices around the world. It also discusses issues and problems in education in India that may be addressed by an enhanced and effective accreditation system. It focuses on the development of a comprehensive quality assurance strategy so as to enable both external and internal stakeholders viz. government, industry and society at large, to participate in outcome based education programs and the continuous quality assurance of the same.

Subject : Education in India , Accreditation systems


Title : National conference on ensuring India's energy security
Pub. Details : Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ) : New Delhi , 2009
Abstract :

Background paper of National conference on ensuring India's energy security, held in March 2009.

Subject : Energy security , India


Title : Entrepreneurship in developing countries
Author : V Padmanand and P H Kurian
Pub. Details : Kerala Bureau of Industrial Promotion (K-BIP), Kerala, 2009
Abstract :

This book covers all of the key issues and cites rich information garnered from different parts of the world where efforts have been made to foster entrepreneurship and enterprise development.

Subject : Entrepreneurship , Developing countries


Title : Intervene to industrialise
Author : V Padmanand and J VinanchiarachiKerala
Pub. Details : Bureau of Industrial Promotion (K-BIP), Kerala, 2009
Abstract :

The book ‘Intervene to industrialise presents a discussion on the role of the developmental state’, with an accent on an enabling business environment, a commentary on schemes and industrial strategy deployed across a gamut of developing economies, the methodology of cluster value chain based interventions to evolve appropriate factor conditions, inducing evolution of macro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and interventions for strengthening existing enterprises.

Subject : MSMEs , Entrepreneurship


Title : Conversations with God ( Volume 1, 2 & 3)
Author : Neale Donald Walsch
Pub. Details : Hodder & Stoughton
Abstract :

Conversations with God (CwG) is a sequence of nine books written by Neale Donald Walsch, written as a dialogue in which Walsch asks questions and God answers.

Subject : Fiction, English Fiction


Title : The curious case of benjamin button
Author : F Scott Fitzgerrald
Pub. Details : Penguin Books, London
Abstract :

The technical dazzle of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a truly astonishing thing to behold: this story of a man who ages backwards requires Brad Pitt to begin life as a tiny elderly man, then blossom into middle age, and finally, wisely, become young. How director David Fincher--with makeup artists, special-effects wizards, and body doubles--achieves this is one of the main sources of fascination in the early reels of the movie. The premise is loosely borrowed from an F. Scott Fitzgerald story (and bears an even stronger resemblance to Andrew Sean Greer's novel The Confessions of Max Tivoli), with young/old Benjamin growing up in New Orleans, meeting the girl of his dreams (Cate Blanchett), and sharing a few blissful years with her until their different aging agendas send them in opposite directions. The love story takes over the second half of the picture, as Eric Roth's script begins to resemble his work on Forrest Gump. This is too bad, because Benjamin's early life is a wonderfully picaresque journey, especially a set of midnight liaisons with a Russian lady (Tilda Swinton) in an atmospheric hotel. Fincher observes all this with an entomologist's eye, cool and exacting, which keeps the material from getting all gooey. Still, the Hurricane Katrina framing story feels put-on, and the movie lets Benjamin slide offscreen during its later stages--curious indeed

Subject : Fiction , English fiction


Title : India and global crisis
Author : Shankar Acharya
Pub. Details : Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

This book provides crisp answers to these and many other questions about India's economic policies and performance.
How bad is the Global Crisis? Will the Indian economy be hit hard? what can we do to protect ourselves from global turmoil? Is a growth recession inevitable? How well did we cope with the massive foreign capital inflows in the last five years? Did we follow a good exchange rate policy? What explains the surge in national savings and investment? Can we revive the economic boom of 2003-08? Do we have good roadmaps for reform of banking and finance? Do oil bonds make sense? How long can we sustain massive subsidies? Are economic disparities in India rising? Where are the new jobs? How good (or bad) is the UPA Government's economic 

Subject : Financial crises , International economic relations , Economic development , Economy policy , India


Title : Creating people advantage : how to address HR challenges worldwide through 2015
Pub. Details : The Boston Consulting Group & World Federation of Personnel Management Associations, USA, 2008
Abstract :

People challenges are greater than ever before at companies, thanks to globalization, an aging workforce, and employee desires for work-life balance. This report, which is based on a worldwide survey of more than 4,700 executives, lays out a comprehensive approach to enable companies to understand the HR environment and how they can create a people advantage. When companies that understand how to measure the effectiveness of their people and harness their talents, they will achieve a lasting edge. Executive Summary

Subject : Human resources, Leadership development


Title : Industrial development report 2009
Pub. Details : United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Austria, 2009
Abstract :

This report is about those who have been left behind: the poorest countries of the world-the countries of the bottom billion-and those middle-income countries striving to catch up.

Subject : Industrial development , Global economy


Title : Indian companies in the 21st century
Pub. Details : WWF : New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

This report is part of a series of studies by WWF’s Trade and Investment Programme, which aims to identify and cooperate with actors in the BRICS group of key emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) to champion sustainable international trade and investment. The Programme examines the scope which exists for these countries to become leading exporters of, and investors in, sustainable goods and services, whilst emerging as key actors in promoting a proactive international sustainable development agenda.
The report is divided into four main sections. The first provides an overview of the current Indian situation, while the second present the results of the WWF-India survey. The third section presents possible ways forward for different actors, and the final one discusses three initiatives that WWF would like to explore further with relevant actors in India. Full Report

Subject : Indian economy , International trade , Sustainable development , Sustainability , Environment


Title : Indian insurance industry: the task ahead
Pub. Details : Confederation of Indian Industry and Ernst & Young, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

The report is an attempt, to discuss the various nuances in the insurance industry in India with a focus on new emerging product formats in niche sectors such as health insurance, micro insurance, etc. The report also highlights the reach of insurance products in the light of changing regulatory norms.

Subject : Indian insurance , Insurance industry


Title : India's investment climate : voices of Indian business
Pub. Details : The World Bank : Washington , DC , 2009
Abstract :

This book key investment climate bottlenecks that slow down growth and poverty reduction. Investment climate refers to factors that influence day-to-day decisions by firms on how to invest. It includes macroeconomic policies, governance, institutions, and infrastructure. In particular this book aims to answer the following three questions insofar as they relate to the investment climate: (1) How can productivity be improved? (2) How can employment generation be increased? (3) How can inequality among states be reduced?

Subject : Investment climate, Indian economy , Indian business , Retail sector , Software and ITES sector


Title : A better India: a better world
Author : N R Narayana Murthy
Pub. Details : Penguin Books India, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

In this extraordinarily inspiring and visionary book, N.R. Narayana Murthy, who pioneered, designed and executed the Global Delivery Model that has become the cornerstone of India’s success in information technology services outsourcing, shows us that a society working for the greatest welfare of the greatest number—samasta jananam sukhino bhavantu—must focus on two simple things: values and good leadership. Drawing on the remarkable Infosys story and the lessons learnt from the two decades of post-reform India, Narayana Murthy lays down the ground rules that must be followed if future generations are to inherit a truly progressive nation.

Subject : Leadership challenges , Entrepreneurship , Globalisation , CSR , Education


Title : To the desert and back: the story of one of the most dramatic business transformations
Author : Philip Mirvis, Karen Ayas, George Roth
Pub. Details : Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, 2003
Abstract :

This book tells the inside story of the transformation in the words of the people in all quarters of the company who made it happen. It documents five years of personal soul-searching, teamwork, company wide learning conferences, memorable journeys to the mountains and desert, and inspired promotions that show how these efforts produced a remarkable top-to-bottom turnaround. This story delivers authentic and convincing proof that a revitalized business is about personal growth.

Subject : Food industry and trade , Consolidation and merger of corporations , Corporate reorganisations , International business enterprises


Title : Killer differentiators: 13 strategies to grow your brand
Author : Jacky Tai and Wilson Chew
Pub. Details : Marshall Cavendish Business, Singapore, 2008
Abstract :

This book shows how to differentiate any brand in any market, with 13 strategies that all successful brands use to get to the top.

Subject : Brand strategy, Branding , Marketing


Title : India's top PSUs 2009
Pub. Details : Dun & Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, 2009
Abstract :

‘India’s Top PSUs 2009’ is an endeavour to capture the essence of growth and performance of the public sector in India, and providing the leading players the unique advantage of D&B’s global footprint in disseminating vital and useful information about these companies to a wide audience.

Subject : PSUs in India , Public sector undertakings in India


Title : Managing recession : key recommendations
Pub. Details : Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ) & PriceWaterHouseCoopers : Mumbai , 2009
Abstract :

The CII Banking TECH Summit 2009 witnessed the release of CII-PWC report on Managing Recession: Key Recommendations?. The Report recommended relying on information, focus on data quality and application driven planning and budgeting for better cost management. It also called upon the industry to invest in technology to bring the economy out of the downturn.

Subject : Risk Management , Recession management , Key recommendations



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