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February 2009

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Title : An autobiography: Jawaharlal Nehru
Pub. Details : Jawaharlal Nehru
Abstract :

Jawaharlal Nehru's life was closely intertwined with the history and destiny of modern India. His Autobiography, written between 1934 and 1935 when he was in prison, is more than the personal story of an individual—it is also an account of the political awakening of a nation, its struggle for freedom from British rule, and its search to reshape itself as a modern society, rid of the cultural and economic shackles of the past.
Through this narrative, written with extraordinary eloquence and honesty, and illuminated with vibrant descriptions of Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders of the national movement, emerges the portrait of the author himself—a complex and introspective personality with a brilliant and questing mind, a deep love of nature, an engaging zest for life and, above all, a passionate commitment to democracy and secularism.

Subject : Autobiography, Jawaharlal Nehru


Title : Final report on the Indian capital goods industry
Pub. Details : CII, New Delhi, 2007
Abstract :

The study aims to focus on the international competitiveness of these sectors in terms of benchmarking of costs, measuring cost effectiveness, productivity, marketing strategies, manpower development and R&D apart from looking at technology gaps and tariff protection required. In today’s scenario, just looking inward is no longer enough for survival. A presence in the export markets as a diversification strategy has become a must. The study has therefore looked at overseas business opportunities and tried to identify potential countries and projects.

Subject : Capital goods industry, India, Heavy electrical equipment, Mining and construction equipment industry, Machine tools industry, Process Plant equipment


Title :

Future strategies: action now [Proceedings of the 3rd University Industry Council Symposium held on 21-22 November 2008 at Pondicherry University, Puducherry]

Pub. Details : Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

Proceedings of the 3rd University Industry Council Symposium held on 21-22 November 2008 at Pondicherry University, Puducherry]

Subject : Education, Higher education in India


Title :

3rd University Industry Council Symposium [21-22 November 2008: Puducherry]

Author : Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
Pub. Details : CII, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract : Background paper of the symposium.
Subject : Education, Higher education, India, Industry Institute Partnership


Title : Social intelligence: the new science of human relationship
Author : Daniel Goleman
Pub. Details : Arrow Books, London, 2006
Abstract :

In Emotional Intelligence, Goleman persuasively argues for a new social model of intelligence drawn from the emerging field of social neuroscience. Describing what happens to our brains when we connect with others, Goleman demonstrates how relationships have the power to mold not only human experience but also human biology. In lucid prose he describes from a neurobiological perspective sexual attraction, marriage, parenting, psychopathic behaviors and the group dynamics of teachers and workers. Goleman frames his discussion in a critique of society's creeping disconnection in the age of the iPod, constant digital connectivity and multitasking. Vividly evoking the power of social interaction to influence mood and brain chemistry, Goleman discusses the "toxicity" of insult and unpleasant social experience as he warns of the dangers of self-absorption and poor attention and reveals the positive effects of feel-good neurochemicals that are released in loving relationships and in caregiving. Drawing on numerous studies, Goleman illuminates new theories about attachment, bonding, and the making and remaking of memory as he examines how our brains are wired for altruism, compassion, concern and rapport. The massive audience for Emotional Intelligence will revel in Goleman's latest passionately argued case for the benefits to society of empathetic social attunement.

Subject : Emotional intelligence, Interpersonal relationship, Human relationship


Title : National biodiversity action plan 2008
Pub. Details : Ministry of Environment and Forests, India, 2009
Abstract :

The National Biodiversity Action Plan approved in November 2008 to augment natural resource base and its sustainable utilisation. The Plan draws from the principles of National Environment Policy, incorporates suggestions made by a consultative committee and proposes to design actions based on the assessment of current and future needs of conservation and sustainable utilization.
The process of preparing the National Biodiversity Action Plan (NBAP) for India was carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Forests involving wide consultations and planning with various stakeholders across the country, including an externally aided project on ‘National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP). On the basis of these action plans, a final technical report of NBSAP was prepared under the project. This NBAP document is broadly based on the evaluation of existing legislations, regulatory systems, implementation mechanisms, existing strategies, plans and programmes, using the report of NBSAP project as one of the inputs. It proposes to design actions based on the assessment of current and future needs of conservation and sustainable utilization, and of physical and fiscal instruments, with particular reference to implications and impact of such instruments on short and long term basis. Considering the multidisciplinary nature of biodiversity, the actions identified in the NBAP are aimed towards integration of the three objectives of the CBD into relevant sectoral or cross-sectoral plans, programmes and policies.

Subject : Biodiversity Act 2002, Climate Change, Convention On Biological Diversity (CBD), Invasive Alien Species, Ministry Of Environment And Forests (MOEF), Pollution, Biodiversity


Title : The Private patient
Author : P D James
Pub. Details : Faber and Faber, UK, 2008
Abstract :

The Private Patient (2008) is a crime novel by English author P. D. James, the eighteenth in her popular Adam Dalgliesh series. In deepest Dorset, the once magnificent Cheverell Manor has been renovated and transformed into a plastic surgery, run by the famous cosmetic practitioner George Chandler-Powell. Two days after Rhoda Gradwyn, an investigative journalist, arrives in the hope of having her lifelong facial scar removed, she's savagely murdered and Powell finds his surgery under scrutiny from Dalgliesh and his team, who are soon caught in a race against time when another body shows up...

Subject : Fiction, English fiction, Novel


Title : In the country of deceit
Author : Shashi Deshpande
Pub. Details : Penguin, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

Devayani chooses to live alone in the small town of Rajnur after her parents’ death, ignoring the gently voiced disapproval of her family and friends. Teaching English, creating a garden and making friends with Rani, a former actress who settles in the town with her husband and three children, Devayani’s life is tranquil, imbued with a hardwon independence. Then she meets Ashok Chinappa, Rajnur’s new District Superintendent of Police, and they fall in love despite the fact that Ashok is much older, married, and—as both painfully acknowledge from the very beginning—it is a relationship without a future. Deshpande’s unflinching gaze tracks the suffering, evasions and lies that overtake those caught in the web of subterfuge.

Subject : Fiction, English fiction, Novel


Title : Sea of poppies
Author : Amitav Ghosh
Pub. Details : Penguin, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

This terrific novel, the first volume in a projected trilogy, unfolds in north India and the Bay of Bengal in 1838 on the eve of the British attack on the Chinese ports known as the first opium war. In Sea of Poppies, Amitav Ghosh assembles from different corners of the world sailors, marines and passengers for the Ibis, a slaving schooner now converted to the transport of coolies and opium. In bringing his troupe of characters to Calcutta and into the open water, Ghosh provides the reader with all manner of stories, and equips himself with the personnel to man and navigate an old-fashioned literary three-decker.

Subject : Fiction, English fiction, Novel


Title : Collected stories
Author : Khushwant Singh
Pub. Details : Penguin, New Delhi
Abstract : This volume contains all the short stories, Khushwant Singh has ever written.
Subject : Fiction, English fiction, Novel


Title : A fine family
Author : Gurcharan Das
Pub. Details : Penguin, New Delhi, 1990
Abstract :

A novel of immense power and artistry, it is a remarkably true story of India's urban middle classes from 1942 to the Emergency.
This novel is the extraordinary chronicle - rich in passion and incident - of several generations of a Punjabi family. Bauji, a successful lawyer in Lyallpur, now in Pakistan, is forced to flee to India by the violence and instability unleashed by Partition. Bauji has lost everything in the transition, and when his daughter Tara gives birth to a son, Arjun, everyone's hopes are pinned on the child the revive the family's fortunes in an independent India.
Together the voices of the various generations tell the story of a fine family and a great country as both struggle to build a new future in difficult circumstances.

Subject : Fiction, English fiction, Novel


Title : Slumdog millionaire = Q & A
Author : Vikas Swarup
Pub. Details : Black Swan, New Delhi,, 2009
Abstract :

Swarup's inventive debut traces the fortunes of Ram Mohammad Thomas from "Asia's biggest slum" to his sudden acquisition of enormous wealth as the biggest winner on the popular quiz show, Who Will Win a Billion? A poor, uneducated waiter, Ram is arrested after the final episode in the belief that he must have cheated. In jail he shares his hardscrabble life with his lawyer: his abandonment at birth in a used clothing bin, the church orphanage where he was dubbed an "idiot orphan boy," the foster home where children were purposely crippled and forced to beg, the estate of an Australian diplomat who was really a spy, the home of an aging Bollywood actress, and his meager waiter job. Each chapter in Ram's life provided him with a correct answer on the show, as a la Forrest Gump, he has been in the right place at the right time. Ram's funny and poignant odyssey explores the causes of good and evil and illustrates how, with a little luck, the best man sometimes wins.

Subject : Fiction , English fiction , Novel


Title : Indian memsahib: the untold story of a bureaucrat's wife
Author : Suchita Malik
Pub. Details : Rupa, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

The book portrays the fascinating life journey of a bureaucrat's wife through bewilderment and confusion; how she treads carefully and cautiously the scintillating corridors of power without stiffing her voice of conscience. And, in the process, she runs her full gamut of emotions, evolves and emerges stronger in her own right as an individual.

Subject : Fiction , English fiction , Novel


Title : The story of my assassins
Author : Tarun Tejpal
Pub. Details : Harper Collins, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

A muscular, deeply incisive and deathly funny comment on twenty-first century India, The Story of My Assassins is a multi-layered novel that skillfully slashes through the subcontinent’s dubious spiritual serenity to lay bare every crippling divide of language, wealth and class. Trawling life and death in the dark underside, it inquires into the inexorable codes of power and wealth that propel societies. A triumph of disparate voices, unbearable realities, and impossible conundrums, this is a book that will forever change the way we look at the world around us.

Subject : Fiction , English Fiction , Novel


Title : Train to Pakistan
Pub. Details : Khushwant Singh
Abstract :

The story is about the feelings of the people of a village "Mano Majra" before and after the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan. The agony and the reality of the people of naked Indian history while the partition was in process is elaborated with a painful toil.

Subject : Fiction , English fiction , Novel , India Pakistan partition


Title : The discovery of India
Author : Jawaharlal Nehru
Pub. Details : Penguin, New Delhi, 2004
Abstract :

The Discovery of India was written by India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru during his imprisonment in 1942-1946 at Ahmednagar in the Ahmednagar Fort. In this book Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru tries to study the history of India starting from the Indus Valley Civilization, and then covers the country's history from the arrival of the Aryans to government under the British Empire. The effect of these various people on Indian culture and their incorporation into Indian society is examined. This book also analyses in depth the philosophy of Indian life.

Subject : History of India


Title : Glimpses of world history
Author : Jawaharlal Nehru
Pub. Details : Penguin, New Delhi, 2004
Abstract :

Glimpses of World History, a book written by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1934, is a panoramic sweep of the history of humankind. It is a collection of 196 letters on world history written from various prisons in British India between 1930-1933. The letters were written to his young daughter Indira, and was meant to introduce her to world history.

Subject :

History, World history


Title : India of my dreams
Author : Surendra Kumar and Pradeep K. Kapur [eds]
Pub. Details : Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

A unique collection of thoughts, ideas, views and vision of some of the brightest brains and most respected individuals—from senior cabinet ministers to role model captains of industry; from internationally acclaimed economists to diplomats par excellence and think-tank honchos; from IT innovators to provocative journalists—all jostle together in this volume sharing glimpses of India of their dreams.

Subject : India, Views about India


Title : The dragon & the elephant: agricultural and rural reforms in China and India
Author : Ashok Gulati and Shenggen Fan (eds.)
Pub. Details : Oxford, New Delhi, 2007
Abstract :

This book investigates how the dynamics in the agricultural sector can help not only these two countries but all economies in transition. It shows how institutional reforms relating to land use and price policies can lead to high agricultural growth.

Subject : Agriculture, Rural reforms, China and India


Title : India's leading infrastructure companies 2008
Pub. Details : D&B, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

This book showcases the performance and investment plans of some of India's leading infrastructure companies. It also covers numerous development initiatives and proposed investments by the government in various segments of infrastructure facilities in the country over the next five years.

Subject : Infrastructure companies in India, Profiles


Title : Innovate India
Pub. Details : CII, New Delhi, 2007
Abstract :

This monograph aims to work out a strategy and consequent action plan that enables India to become an innovate society. 

Subject : Innovation strategy, India


Title : Global Innovation Index 2008-2009
Pub. Details : CII & INSEAD, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

The Second Global Innovation Index 2008 - 2009 (GII) jointly published by Confederation of Indian Industry and INSEAD Business School , has once again placed United States at the top of the Global Innovation Rankings. India , on the other hand, is ranked a lowly 41. The GII that has studied 130 countries has ranked Germany in the second position, followed by Sweden , the United Kingdom and Singapore . The European economies, including the Nordic ones, continued to do well in 2008. Switzerland , Denmark and the Netherlands figured in the top 10 apart from Germany , Sweden and UK that figure in the top 5. However, France was the biggest loser slipping from the 5th to 19th position. Singapore and South Korea are two Asian countries figuring in the top 10. However, Japan has slipped to the 9th position from the 4th and India its last year’s ranking of 23rd to the 41st position. With China ranked at 37th, most BRIC countries have been ranked lower than last time. Israel and Qatar from West Asia and Middle East find places in the top 25. There are other countries from the Middle East just below this quartile. The GII results have revealed that innovation is correlated with income levels in a country. For example, the innovation levels in the OECD countries are much more than non-OECD countries. There are few countries from Africa that are included in the rankings with only South Africa coming in at the 43rd position.

Subject : Innovation survey, Indian innovation, R & D in India


Title :

International Investment rule-making: stocktaking, challenges and the way forward

Pub. Details : UNCTAD, Geneva, 2009
Abstract :

This report provides a comprehensive review of sixty years of international investment rulemaking and identifies main trends in current treaty practice. It also identifies the core characteristics of the existing universe of international investment agreements (IIAs) at the beginning of the 21st century and the main challenges arising thereof, and provides a brief outlook concerning the future evolution of the IIA universe.

Subject :

Investment policy, International investment policy, International investment agreements


Title : India's investment climate: voices of Indian business
Author : Aurora Ferrari and Inderbir Singh Dhingra
Pub. Details : The World Bank, Washington DC, 2008
Abstract :

India has emerged in the past few years as one of the world s fastest growing economies. While a high level of investment and domestic private consumption continue to drive growth, it is necessary to address the bottlenecks that prevent sustainable economic growth in the future. India s Investment Climate: Voices of Indian Business identifies key investment climate bottlenecks that slow down growth and poverty reduction. Investment climate refers to factors that influence day-to-day decisions by firms on how to invest. It includes macroeconomic policies, governance, institutions, and infrastructure. In particular this book aims to answer the following three questions insofar as they relate to the investment climate: 1. How can productivity be improved? 2. How can employment generation be increased? 3. How can inequality among states be reduced? India s Investment Climate highlights the significance of the challenges facing India and demonstrates how investment climate improvements in key sectors will assist the Indian economy in overcoming these three challenges. It provides national and local policy makers a number of recommendations based upon well-researched analysis backed by sound economic theory.

Subject :

Indian economy, Manufacturing investment, Unorganised manufacturing, Retail sector, Software and ITES sector, Reducing inequalities, Investment climate surveys, 


Title :

Industrial Development Report 2009

Pub. Details : UNIDO, Vienna, 2009
Abstract : This year’s report, entitled “Breaking in and moving up: New industrial challenges for the bottom billion and the middle-income countries” focuses on countries that have been left behind. It is about the opportunities and constraints faced by two groups of countries: the countries of the “bottom billion” trying to break into global markets for manufactured goods, and the middle-income countries that are striving to move up to more sophisticated manufacturing. The report focuses predominantly on manufacturing, but it also discusses resource extraction, which is the other major type of industrialization in developing countries. It also highlights three aspects of structural change in industry.
Subject : Industrial development - World , Industrial challenges


Title : The marketing whitebook 2009
Pub. Details : Businessworld, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

This book contains one-stop source for all the data to know about the Indian markets. The book looks at the trends in India’s consumer markets – covering everything from household consumption assets, the dynamics of India’s FMCG and durable markets, consumer psychographics, access to media and its consumption. Apart from that, the book also provides perspectives on emerging consumer markets such as retail, telecom, insurance, entertainment and healthcare. And finally, it offers an updated contact list with addresses of all marketing and media services providers. Book also includes rural marketing service providers in the contacts and listings section.

Subject : Consumers and Markets in India , Emerging consumer markets , Rural consumer , Marketing


Title : Review of the status, harvest, trade and management of seven Asian CITES-listed medicinal and aromatic plant species: result of the R&D project
Author : Teresa Mulliken, Petra Crofton
Pub. Details : Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Cambridge, 2006
Abstract :

A summary of the overall findings of this research, based on a comparison of information available for each of the seven species, is presented (MULLIKEN & SCHIPPMANN), followed by detailed assessments for the individual species. The individual species accounts begin with information on the species’ taxonomy, description, distribution, status and threats. This is followed by a review of available information on the species’ medicinal and other uses, harvest and processing, cultivation, national markets and international trade. Available information on illegal trade is presented, followed by a discussion of national and international trade controls for the species. A brief overall analysis of the situation with regard to the species’ status and trade is provided as concluding text, followed by possible next steps that might be taken by governments, particularly within range States, to address concerns identified. A list of country codes and of abbreviations used to describe the origin of trade names are provided as annexes.

Subject : Medicinal and aromatic plant, Production and trade of medicinal plants in Asia


Title : India: Urban Poverty Report 2009
Pub. Details : UNDP, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

The India: Urban Poverty Report 2009 identifies the problems faced by the poor and focuses on the systemic changes that are needed.  It looks at the process of globalization and the development strategy in the country, and asks why the poor exist in urban India and how they are being physically and economically absorbed into the system.  It analyses the processes of urbanization, migration, changes in the economic structure, and the pattern of infrastructural investment, highlighting how these impact on the well-being of the poor. The central concerns of this report include:

  • trends and patterns of migration;
  • dynamics of urban land and capital market;
  • marginalization of the poor to the urban periphery;
  • changes in urban governance;
  • gender dimensions of urban poverty;
  • unorganized workforce and the informal sector;
  • provision of and access to basic services and amenities indicating quality of life; and
  • appalling conditions in slums.
Subject : Poverty, Urban poverty in India


Title : Autonomy with accountability: strengthening public sector enterprises (CD)
Pub. Details : CII, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

The Central Public Sector Enterprises contribute significantly to the Indian economy and are a large employer of all collar jobs. CII recognizes the importance of the PSEs in the prevailing economic scenario and feels that there is a need for empowerment that would enable the enterprises to strengthen themselves to compete in the globalized environment.

Subject : Public sector enterprises, Autonomy and accountability, India


Title : Indian retail on the fast track: bridging the capacity gaps
Pub. Details : FICCI & KPMG, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

This report is intended to address some of the common questions that existing retailers and potential new entrants have on Indian retailing, viz: Which segments and formats have the maximum potential? What is the right format for India? ; Are multiple formats necessary for success? ; Where are we today on supply chain practices and IT usage? ; How good is the support infrastructure in terms of supplier maturity, real estate space availability, financing etc? ; Where are we on personnel availability and capability?
In addition to finding the answers to these and other questions, relevant industry best-practice examples from international retailers and the experiences of other countries have been highlighted to indicate directions that Indian retailers may want to look at to address some of the challenges in the Indian marketplace.

Subject : Retail industry, Indian retail, Malls, Human resources


Title :

Unleashing skilled India: transforming ITI’s together

Pub. Details : CII, New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

This Blue Book is a reference for upgrading and running an Industrial Training Institute, ITI. The Blue Book is structured as a series of books that will be developed in a sequence. The current book of the series, Getting Started , is targeted at the strategic issues faced by IMC members from the Industry. The second and the third book will address the operational and medium term planning issues. The overall purpose of the Blue Book is to support ITI’s towards the following objectives:

  • Optimum allocation of funding.
  • Operational excellence of IMC.
  • Leveraging best practices across ITI’s
  • Localized ITI Strategic Organizational Assessment (SOA) diagnostic
  • Strategic Contribution Forum for International Experts.
Subject : Skills development - India, ITI


Title : Scaling Justice: India's supreme court, anti-terror laws, and social rights
Author : Shylashri Shankar
Pub. Details : Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2009
Abstract :

This study shows how judges seek legitimacy for their decisions by negotiating with four elements that constrain or expand choices before them—laws, institutional norms/ experience/ rules, political preferences, and public concerns. It applies probability analysis on the higher judiciary’s decisions in anti-terror, health, and education cases from 1950–2006. This work represents the first time such an approach has been used to study the Indian Supreme Court.

Subject : Social justice system, India, Supreme court, Anti-terror laws and Social rights


Title : Statistical abstract India 2007
Pub. Details :

CSO, Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Government of India, New Delhi, 2008

Abstract :

The present issue of the publication is the 43rd edition of the series. It contains time series data for national aggregates generally from 1990-91 and onwards up to the latest available year. The national aggregates are followed by State-wise data for the latest year so as to reflect the comparative development in the States/Union Territories. 

Subject :

Statistics, India, Area and population, National product, Prices, Agriculture, Livestock and fisheries, Forest, Sericulture, Irrigation, Rainfall, Mining, Industry, Power, Trade, Balance of payment, Indian railways, Motor vehicles, Roads, Shipping, Civil aviation, Post and communication, Newspapers and Periodicals, Banks, Insurance, Housing, Joint stock companies, National finance, Currency, Income tax, Crime statistics, Accidents, Education, Public health statistics, Tourism, Local bodies, Electoral statistics, Labour, Trade unions, Co-operative societies, Five year plans


Title : Carbon disclosure project report 2008: India 200
Pub. Details : WWW, CII, CII-ITC Center of Excellence for sustainable development; New Delhi, 2008
Abstract :

The results from the second CDP India report 2008 represents a continuity of positive start from 2007 by the Indian corporations measuring, reporting and managing greenhouse gas emissions. As we scaled up the scope of the CDP to top 200 Indian companies, it also resulted in increase in number of companies responding to the information request. However, this also resulted in marginal reduction in terms of per cent from 35% in 2007 (CDP5) to 31% in 2008 (CDP6).
This report reflects the initiatives of WWF, CII- ITC CESD and CDP in alerting Indian business and industry to the issues that are on the table and more importantly brings forth both the challenges and opportunities likely to emerge in the coming years as the world comes to terms with this new and existential threat to its very survival.

Subject : Carbon disclosure by Indian companies , Greenhouse gas emissions


Title :

Indian companies with solutions that the world needs: sustainability as a driver for innovation and profit

Author :: Sachin Joshi and others
Pub. Details :

confederation of Indian Industry, CII - ITC of Excellence for Sustainable Development, WWF; New Delhi, 2008

Abstract :

This report is part of a series of studies by WWF’s Trade and Investment Policy Programme, which aims to identify and cooperate with actors in the BRICS group of key emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) to champion international sustainable trade and investment. The Programme examines the scope which exists for these countries to become leading exporters of, and investors in, sustainable goods and services, whilst emerging as key actors in promoting a proactive international sustainable development agenda.

Subject : Sustainable development, Sustainability driven innovation , Emissions reduction



Future strategies: action now [Proceedings of the 3rd University Industry Council Symposium held on 21-22 November 2008 at Pondicherry University, Puducherry]


CII - StrategiCom: Benefits of a strong brand: a study done with Indian SMEs in the B2B sector, 2008


SAARC craft exchange programme [11-19 November 2008: New Delhi] - Proceedings


3rd Sustainability Summit: Asia 2008 - competitiveness redefined [11-12 December 2008: New Delhi] - Theme paper

5.   Concept creation [VLFM JICA Learning Series] / Prof Kenichi Mori

Indian Space Directory of Bengaluru Space Expo 2008 [29 Nov - 1 Dec 2008: Bangalore]

7.   Getting started: Unleashing skilled India - transforming ITI's together

Learning's from Toyota production system [VLFM JICA Learning Series] / Furuhashi Takeyuki


Study & business mission Finland [26-29 May 2008: Finland] - Mission report


Inclusive responses to the HIV/AIDS challenge: experiences from the Indian IT sector


Let's think ideas India 2008 - compilation of thought leaders ideas / Aspen Institute India

12.   Rubber Expo 2009 [28-31 January 2009: Kolkata] - Exhibitor catalogue
13.   Guide book for overseas Indians on taxation and other important matters
14.   Guide book for overseas Indians on foreign direct investment in India
15.   Technology solutions: a primer for combating counterfeiting & piracy

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