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New Arrivals (August 2004)


Banking - Asia
Title :

Asia Corporate Finance Forum : summary of conference proceedings [5 December 2003: Shanghai]  

Pub. Details :

McKinsey & Company, 2004

Notes :

This booklet is a summary of the presentations at the second annual Asia Corporate Finance Forum held in Shanghai in December 2003.

Keywords :

Banking in Asia , China , Financial crises , Asian banking , Management

Title : For the love of India : the life and times of Jamsetji TATA
Author : R M Lala
Pub. Details : Penguin Books India, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

In this book, R M Lala has drawn upon fresh material from the India Office Library in London and other archives, as also Jamsetji's letters, to portray the man and his age.

Keywords : TATA , Biography , Business biography , Jamsetji Tata

Country Profiles
Title : Nations of the World 2004 : World business and economic review
Pub. Details : International Chamber of Commerce, 2004
Notes :

Profile of the countries of the world.

Keywords : Country profiles , Country profile

Title : Indian defence yearbook 2004
Author : R K Jasbir Singh (ed)
Pub. Details : Natraj Publishers, New Delhi, 2002
Notes :

Contents: Special Focus: Iraq War 2003; National security; India's neighbourhood; Force profiles and modernisation; Defence expositions; Global military cooperation; Weapons systems and equipment; DRDO, production and supplies; Administrative and miscellaneous matters.

Keywords :

Defence , India , National security , Iraq war , Defence expositions , Indian army - modernisation plans , Oil security , Global military cooperation , Weapon systems and equipment

Development Economics
Title :

Annual bank conference on development economics 2003 : South Asia component

Author : Indranil Banerjie
Pub. Details :

National Council of Applied Economic Research ( NCAER ), New Delhi, 2004

Notes :

The workshop papers of the Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE)- South Asia Component.

Keywords :

Public service delivery , Education , E-government , Trade liberalisation - Poverty reduction - Bangladesh , Trade policy - Indian agriculture , Business deregulation - Sri Lanka , Infrastructure reform - India , Regulatory institutions - Industry and finance

Title : Multinationals in India
Author : Jai B P Sinha
Pub. Details : Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

Indepth investigations of various multinationals functioning in India. This rich comparative analysis revealed that while each corporation brought to India its unique organisational culture, they rapidly understood the need to adapt their management practices to Indian settings. Thus, providing capital, technology, and cultivating an atmosphere of high performance, they absorbed aspects of the work culture in India.

Keywords :

International business enterprises - India , Cross cultural orientation - India , International communication - India , Corporate culture - India , Multinationals , MNCs


Title :

26th National Seminar on Industrial Gases [23-24 January 2004: Jaipur]

Pub. Details :

All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association ( AIIGMA ), 2004

Notes :

Proceedings of 26th national seminar on industrial gases, 2004.

Keywords :

Industrial gases , Carbon dioxide - Food processing industry , Safety

Title :

India's initial national communication to the United Nations framework convention on climate change

Pub. Details : Ministry of Environment and Forests , Government of India, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

Contents: National circumstances; GHG inventory information; vulnerability assessment and adaptation; research and systematic observations; education, training and public awareness; programmes related to sustainable development; constraints and gaps, and related financial, technical and capacity needs. 

Keywords :

Environment , Climate change , India , Sustainable development , United Nations

Title : Project exports: connecting continents with Indian expertise
Author : Tarun Sharma
Pub. Details : Export-Import Bank of India, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

This book is an attempt to capture the evolution and growth of Project Exports from India over the past three decades, based on data available with the Bank, primary research on activities and policies of multilateral funding agencies and their current focus, and interaction with leading project exporters.

Keywords :

Project exports, India, Multilateral funding agencies, Export credit agencies

Food Industry
Title : Food trade , trade flows and trade policies : a comparative analysis of world and India  
Author: Sunitha Raju and Tamanna Chaturvedi
Pub. Details : Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, 1996
Notes :

A comparative analysis of India's food trade and policies with the rest of the world.

Keywords :

Food trade , Trade policy , India , Food sector , Agricultural trade , Market share

Foreign Trade
Title : Foreign trade policy [1st September 2004 - 31st March 2009]
Pub. Details :

Ministry of Commerce and Industry , Department of Commerce , Government of India, New Delhi, 2004

Notes :

India's maiden foreign trade policy released on 31st August 2004.

Keywords :

Foreign trade policy , India , Exim policy

Title : Handbook of procedures , Vol. I [1st September 2004 - 31st March 2009]
Pub. Details :

Ministry of Commerce and Industry , Department of Commerce , Government of India, New Delhi, 2004

Notes :

This book contains information about : General provisions regarding exports and imports ; Promotional measures ; Duty exemption /remission scheme ; Export promotion capital goods scheme ; Export oriented units ( EOUs ) ; Units in export processing zones ( EPZs ) , Electronics hardware technology parks ( EHTPs ) and software technology parks ( STPs ) ; Special economic zones ; and Miscellaneous matters.

Keywords :

Trade procedures , Exports , Imports , Duty Exemption , Remission Scheme , Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme , Export Oriented Units , EOUs , Export Processing Zones , EPZs , Electronics Hardware Technology Parks , EHTPs , Software Technology Parks , STPs , Special Economic Zones , Deemed Exports ,  Foreign Trade , Foreign Business , India

Hardware Industry

Title : India : the hardware opportunity  
Pub. Details : MAIT and Ernst & Young, 2004
Notes :

An analysis of the world and Indian electronics hardware industry.

Keywords :

Hardware industry , India , Opportunity , Electronics hardware industry , Hardware industry in India , Global hardware industry

India and ADB

Title : Country strategy and program 2003-2006 : India
Pub. Details : Asian Development Bank ( ADB ), 2004
Notes :

ADB's country strategy and program for India during 2003 - 2006.

Keywords :

Economic growth , poverty , politics and government , Governance , Gender assessment , Private sector , Environment , Regional cooperation

India and Pakistan
Title : Cost of conflict between India and Pakistan
Pub. Details :

International Centre for Peace Initiatives, Mumbai, 2004

Notes :

This book contains: military costs ; social and political costs ; economic costs ; diplomatic costs ; costs for Jammu and Kashmir ; conflict escalation ladder ; nuclear confrontation-a case study ; peace building ladder.

Keywords :

India , Pakistan , Military Costs , Social Costs , Political Costs , Economic Costs , Diplomatic Costs , Costs for Jammu and Kashmir , Conflict Escalation Ladder , Nuclear Confrontation , Peace Building Ladder

Intellectual Property
Title : Intellectual property for small and medium-sized enterprises
Pub. Details : World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), 2004
Notes :

An industry guide to implement intellectual property for small and medium sized enterprises.

Keywords : Intellectual property , SMEs

Title : Intellectual property and competitive strategies in the 21st century
Author : Shahid Alikhan and Raghunath Mashelkar
Pub. Details : Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 2004
Notes :

This book deals with a wide array of topics in a lucid, coherent and concise manner, and provides a panoramic view of the pitfalls, challenges and possibilities linked to the intellectual property system as an instrument for socio-economic, cultural and technological development as well as for improving the quality of life of the many peoples of our planet.

Keywords : Intellectual property , IPR , Globalisation , Role of government , SMEs , Civil society , Challenges

Title : Trade - labour debate : the state of affairs
Author : Sukumar Das (ed.)
Pub. Details :

CUTS Centre for International Trade , Economics & Environment, Jaipur, 2004

Notes :

This paper focuses more on highlighting facts rather than analysing the ideology behind trade and labour debate under the auspices of GATT/WTO.

Keywords :

WTO , GATT , Labour , Trade and labour , ILO

Title : Law of business process outsourcing
Author : Pavan Duggal
Pub. Details : Saakshar Law Publications, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

The book aims to addresses the concerns of all interested stakeholders in Business Process Outsourcing, whether it is the foreign companies, who are either outsourcing to third party service providers or aim to establish their own BPO captive units, service providers, sub-contractors, lawyers or the policy makers.

Keywords :

Business process outsourcing , BPO , Law , India , International law

Title : Be-know-do: leadership the army way
Author : Frances Hesselbein and Eric K. Shinseki (Introducer)
Pub. Details : Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, 2004
Notes :

The United States Army is one of the most complex, best-run organisations in the world, and central to the Army's success are strong leadership and exceptional leadership development. There is an official Army leadership manual for the US Army. For the first time, you can have access to the Army's successful leadership philosophy and the principles that are outlined in the manual.

Be, Know, Do makes this critical information available to civilian leaders in all sectors - business, government, and nonprofit - and gives them the guidelines they need to create an organization in which leadership thrives.

Keywords : Leadership, Army leadership, Leadership qualities, Command of Troops

North East
Title :

Political economy of underdevelopment of North-East India

Author : Rafiul Ahmed and Prasenjit Biswas  
Pub. Details : Akansha Publishing House, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

The study investigates the nature and causes of underdevelopment and its myriad politico-cultural expressions through the triple registers of development i.e. political economy, space and culture.

Keywords :

Northeast , North east , Development , Underdevelopment , Poverty , Political economy

Pharmaceutical industry - Indonesia

Title : The market survey for pharmaceutical products and materials in Indonesia , July 2004
Pub. Details : Embassy of India , Jakarta, 2004
Notes :

The report aims to provide market information and guidelines to Indian businessmen, government officials and others who are interested in penetrating the market for pharmaceutical in Indonesia.

Keywords : Indonesia , Pharmaceutical products , Market survey , Pharma industry in Indonesia

Portraits of India

Title : Middle age spread : imaging India 1947-2004
Pub. Details : Gayatri Sinha (Anant), 2004
Notes :

Art (Photographs) collection of famous photographers of India.

Keywords : Portraits of India , Bangladesh war , Leaders of India , Movie stars , Photographs

Title : India untouched : the forgotten face of rural poverty
Author : Abrahm M George
Pub. Details : East-West Press, 2004
Notes :

George’s book, India Untouched: The Forgotten Face of Rural Poverty, expresses outrage at the social structure in rural India and the complete disconnect between urban ‘progress’ and rural reality. While the book could be callously dismissed as having a western perspective, the businessman-philanthropist’s observations of 10 years serve as a reminder of the country’s unfinished agenda since Independence.

Keywords :

Poverty, India, Rural poverty, Rural development

Rural Development
Title :

Integrating the rural poor into markets

Author : Bibek Debroy , Amir Ullah Khan (eds.)
Pub. Details :

Academic Foundation , Indian Development Foundation ( IDF ) and International Development Enterprises (India), New Delhi, 2002

Notes :

The book seeks to holistically address the reform agenda for agriculture vis-à-vis the need to integrate the rural poor into markets.

Keywords :

Rural development , Rural poor and market systems , Indian agriculture , Rural poverty reduction - India , Agricultural policy - India , ICT and poverty , Child labour , IT and rural development

Textile Industry
Title :

Technical textiles : a road map for India [27-28 July 2004: New Delhi]  

Pub. Details : Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ), New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

Proceedings of the conference on "Technical textiles : a road map for India [27-28 July 2004: New Delhi]

Keywords :

Textile technology , Textile machinery , Technology trends , Coated fabrics , Ultramid BS3300 N , Automotive textiles , Meditech , Geotextiles , Hometextile , India

Title : Value added tax : Indian and global experiences
Author : Astha Ahuha
Pub. Details : New Century Publications, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

The book examines various theoretical issues related to the operation of VAT. It provides an overview of the present tax system of India. It traces the efforts made by the Central and State Governments in India to rationalise indirect tax system of the country in the direction of VAT. The book, drawing on the experience of other countries, evaluates various options available for a smooth switch over to VAT in India. The countries considered for the purpose are: Brazil , Argentina , Mexico , Germany , and Canada.

Keywords : Value added tax , VAT , Indian tax system , India , Global experiences , Options for VAT , History




A richer future for India / Diana Farrell and Adil S Zainulbhai [McKinsey Quarterly, 2004 Special Edition)

India's economy has made real progress, but further liberalization will be needed to sustain its growth. The country now has 40 million people looking for work, and an additional 35 million will join the labor force over the next three years. Creating jobs for all these Indians will require more dynamic and competitive industries across the economy. The article argues that opening up to foreign competition, not hiding from it, is the answer. Economic Liberalisation and FDI in India


Korean perspective on FDI in India : Hyundai Motors' industrial cluster [Economic and Political Weekly, 31 July 2004]

Since the laungh of reforms, Korean companies have invested in joint ventures or greenfield projects in automobiles, consumer goods and others. This case study of Hyundai Motor Industries, set against an exploration of India's FDI experience from a Korean perspective, indicates that industrial clusters are playing an important role in economic activity. The article argues that the key to promoting FDI inflows into India may lie in industries and products that are technology - intensive and have economies of scale and significant domestic content. Korean FDI in India, Case study - Hyundai Motors


A guide to doing business in China / Jonathan R Woetzel [McKinsey Quarterly, 2004 Special Edition]

The rapid growth of China's domestic and export markets has given rise to sweeping generalizations, most of them untrue. To succeed in this unique market, managers need to see China as it really is—a country of great geographic, social, political, and industrial diversity. A good starting point is to cut through the thicket of misunderstanding and misinformation that circulates about doing business in China. Doing business in China


Winning in China [Far Eastern Economic Review, 5 August 2004]

A case study of five successful companies in China. Successful business in China


The McKinsey global survey of business executives , July 2004 [[McKinsey Quarterly, 2004 Special Edition]

The second McKinsey Global Survey of Business Executives, with responses from almost 5,500 executives in 113 countries, finds business leaders still upbeat about the global economy, although their enthusiasm has waned a bit in the past four months. Executives in China and India are the most optimistic, while the confidence of those in other developing markets fell the furthest. Pricing is still under pressure, but companies around the world indicate that they will boost IT spending and hire new employees in the coming months. Global executives - Survey


Power 25 : the most powerful people in business / Geoffrey Colvin [Fortune, 9 August 2004]

A BusinessWeek survey of most powerful business people in America and Asia. Global executives - Survey


Global warming / John Carey [BusinessWeek, 30 August 2004]

Consensus is growing among scientists, governments, and business that they must act fast to combat climate change. This has already sparked efforts to limit CO2 emissions. Many companies are now preparing for a carbon-constrained world. Climate Change


  1. India biotechnology handbook

  2. Retail 2004 : Unlimited Opportunities [28-29 July 2004: Kolkata] - Proceedings

  3. Workshop on Technology Financing in SMEs : Towards Global Competitiveness [ 30 July 2004 : Mumbai ] - Proceedings

  4. The India Myanmar Joint Task Force report

  5. Conference on ensuring water availability through conservation , audit and re-use [19 July 2004: New Delhi] - Background note

  6. Construction summit 2004 : accelerating growth momentum future outlook [25-26 August 2004: New Delhi] - Proceedings

  7. Cost Congress 2004 : 5th Conference on Enhancing Global Competitiveness through Technology [20-21 February 2004: Chennai] - Proceedings


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