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New Arrivals (July 2004)


Title : India free trade agreements [with the Thailand & ASEAN]: implications for the Indian Automotive industry
Author : ICRA Advisory Services
Pub. Details : SIAM, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

This report analyses the structure of the Indian and ASEAN auto industry, compares the performance, the key drivers of competitiveness and recommends interventions for auto industry by Government and by the Industry.

Keywords : Automobile industry, Auto component industry, India, ASEAN

Title : Bangladesh at a glance
Pub. Details : Department of Films and Publications, Ministry of Information, Bangladesh, 2003
Notes :

A general reference guide to Bangladesh.

Keywords :

Bangladesh, General reference

Bangladesh - Business guide
Title :

Bangladesh investment handbook

Pub. Details : Board of Investment, Bangladesh, 2004
Notes :

This handbook provides a roadmap and necessary information guidance to the intending private investors in Bangladesh.

Keywords : Bangladesh, Investment climate, Doing business, Incentives, Business guide

Book Industry
Title : The book industry in India: context, challenge and strategy
Author : Sukumar Das (ed.)
Pub. Details :

Federation of Publishers' and Booksellers' Association in India, New Delhi, 2004

Notes :

The book gives insight into processes as diverse as editorial input and copyediting, book design, production processes, marketing, bookselling and retailing.

Keywords :

Book industry, India

Brand building
Title : What's in a brand?
Author : John Philip Jones
Pub. Details : Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 1998
Notes :

'What's in a Brand' is an answer to the questions such as when, where and how are successful brands created?, what do the best advertisement campaigns have in common? and how are opportunities for entering and expanding markets identified?.

Keywords :

Brand building, Advertising

Contemporary India
Title : The elephant paradigm: India wrestles with change
Author: Gurcharan Das
Pub. Details :

Penguin Books, New Delhi, 2004

Notes :

This book is about the spirit of contemporary India, covering subjects as varied as panchayati raj, national competitiveness, and the sacred and philosophical concerns of the average Indian consequent to India's entry into the age of liberation.

Keywords :

Liberalisation, National competitiveness, Panchayati raj, National change

District Profile
Title : Market skyline of India: district profile 2004 (Eastern Zone)
Pub. Details : Indicus Analytics, New Delhi, 2004
Notes : Presents a demographic & consumer profile of each districts within the Eastern region States, i.e., North eastern states, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa. 
Keywords :

District profile, India, Demographic profile, consumer profile, Market size & spending power, Socio economic profile

Economy - India
Title : India's economy in the new millennium: selected essays
Author : Bimal Jalan
Pub. Details : UBS Publishers' Distributors, New Delhi, 2002
Notes :

This volume of collected essays covers a variety of subjects - ranging from banking and finance to science and development. Also includes some short commentaries on globalization, cost of delays in the field of India's financial contracts and settlement of liquidation procedure, the rationale of exchange rate management and monetary policy, and the role of IT in banking.

Keywords :

Banking and finance, Economy, India, Management-global economy, Financial development

Title : Mainstreaming renewable energy in the 21st century
Author : Janet L. Sawin
Pub. Details : WorldWatch Institute, Washington DC, 2004
Notes :

Solar and wind power are the world's fastest growing energy sources, and investors are pouring billions of dollars into these industries every year. This book deals with technology, market development, two success stories, and discusses some policy issues.

Keywords :

Renewable energy, policy studies, market development, technology, success stories.

Title : Project exports: connecting continents with Indian expertise
Author : Tarun Sharma
Pub. Details : Export-Import Bank of India, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

This book is an attempt to capture the evolution and growth of Project Exports from India over the past three decades, based on data available with the Bank, primary research on activities and policies of multilateral funding agencies and their current focus, and interaction with leading project exporters.

Keywords :

Project exports, India, Multilateral funding agencies, Export credit agencies

Foreign Direct Investment
Title : Achieving a quantum leap in India's FDI
Pub. Details : AMCHAM India and McKinsey & company, New Delhi, 2004
Notes : This study aims to develop an objective policy paper on achieving a quantum leap in foreign direct investment in India; communicate a list of prioritized recommendations to the Government of India; and recommend an implementation plan and monitoring mechanism to the Government of India
Keywords : Foreign direct Investment, FDI, India

Title : Manual on foreign direct investment in India: policy & procedures
Pub. Details : SIA, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

This manual is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide to prospective foreign investors.

Keywords : Foreign direct investment, FDI, India, Policy and procedure

Human Development - World
Title : Human development report 2004
Pub. Details :

UNDP, 2004

Notes :

This annual report deals with the contents such as: 1)Cultural liberty in today's diverse world ; 2) Challenges for cultural liberty ; 3) Building multicultural democracies ; 4) Confronting movements for cultural domination ; 5) Globalisation and cultural choice; and provides a global assessment of country achievements in different areas of human development.

Keywords :

Human development, Cultural Liberty , Freedoms , Human Rights , Development , Policies on Religious Practice , Global Citizens , Building Multicultural Democracies , Globalisation , Human Development Indicators , Statistics

India - General
Title : India 2004
Pub. Details : Publication Division, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

A general reference annual book on India.

Keywords :

India, Reference annual.

Title : The structure of Indian industry
Author : Subir Gokarn, Anindya Sen, Rajendra R Vaidya (eds.)
Pub. Details : Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

This comprehensive set of industry studies in post-reforms India intensively reviews the performance of Indian industry in the 1990s. It traces the policy history and technological conditions faced by individual industries, and outlines the performance parameters in a freer market economy. Ten key sectors have been studied as case studies are tea, tobacco, textiles, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, steel, computer hardware, electronics, auto components, and banking.

Keywords : Indian industry, history, tea, tobacco, textiles, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, steel, computer hardware, electronics, auto components, banking

Information Technology
Title :

Indian IT industry: learning from China

Author : Sunil Mehta (ed.)
Pub. Details : NASSCOM, New Delhi, 2002
Notes :

India is the largest and fastest growing exporter of IT services. China, however, has a vast potential base of talent that could rival that of India. China has weaknesses, still it could emerge as a credible offshoring destination, driven by strong Government support and excellent infrastructure. This report provides some valuable inputs to all about how we can learn from Chinese policies and practices and exploit the opportunities that the rapidly growing domestic market in China provides to Indian software companies.

Keywords :

ITES, India, China, Opportunities, IT enabled services.

International relations
Title :

India and Central Asia

Author : Indranil Banerjie
Pub. Details : Brunel Academic Publishers, UK, 2004
Notes :

Through a series of articles written by eminent authors - specialists in the field of international relations - dealing the history, geography, economic resources and the future trend in development, Indranil Banerjie has highlighted the role played by the superpower and other aspiring to be superpowers towards fulfilling their security and energy needs.

Keywords :

International relations, India, National security, Energy problems

Title : Only the paranoid survive : how to exploit the crisis points that challenge every company
Author: Andrew S Grove
Pub. Details : Doubleday, New York, 1996
Notes :

Under Andy Grove's leadership, Intel has become the world's largest chip maker and one of the most admired companies in the world. In Only the Paranoid Survive, Grove reveals his strategy of focusing on a new way of measuring the nightmare moment every leader dreads-when massive change occurs and a company must, virtually overnight, adapt or fall by the wayside. Grove underscores his message by examining his own record of success and failure, including how he navigated the events of the Pentium flaw, which threatened Intel's reputation in 1994, and how he has dealt with the explosions in growth of the Internet. The work of a lifetime, Only the Paranoid Survive is a classic of managerial and leadership skills.

Keywords :

Organisational change, Strategic planning, Technological innovations - Economic aspects, Computer industry, Intel

Union Budget
Title :

Union budget analysis 2004-05

Pub. Details :

CRISIL, New Delhi, 2004

Notes :

Detailed economic analysis of the Union Budget 2004-05 with impact factor study of each sector.

Keywords :

Union Budget, India, Budget analysis

Title : Union budget 2004-2005
Pub. Details : Ministry of Finance, GOI, 2004
Notes :

Budget papers include: Speech of the Finance Minister, Budget at a glance, Statements laid before Parliament as required under the Fiscal Responsibility and budget Management act, 2003, Receipt budget, Annual financial statement, The Finance (No.2) Bill, 2004, Memorandum explaining the provisions in the Finance (No.2) Bill, 2004, Expenditure budget, Demands for grants of Central Government.

Keywords : Union budget, India 




Prospects for India in a globalising world economy / Martin Wolf [Bombay Chamber Bulletin, July 2004)

A discussion on how India could emerge as a global economic leader. Author tries to prove that India has vast opportunities to achieve extremely rapid growth, which would transform the conditions of her people. Indian economy


The hidden dangers of the informal economy / Daiana Farrell [Mckinsey Quarterly 2004, Number 3]

Government suppose that the gray market (informal business) creates jobs and relieves social tensions. Academics think it will disappear of its own accord. Mckinsey research findings has found these beliefs to be untrue and argued that any short-term employment benefits of informality are thus greatly outweighed by its long-term negative impact on economic growth and job creation. Informal sector


Making a market in knowledge / Maria Joao Carioca, Rui Diniz, and Bruno Pietracci [Mckinsey Quarterly 2004, Number 3]

One source of competitive advantage is to diffuse throughout a company the unique, proprietary knowledge about customers, competitors, products, and techniques that resides in the minds of its employees. But many efforts at knowledge management have failed to deliver that advantage, because they haven't focused on the creation and broad exchange of knowledge within a company. Establishing an internal knowledge market with its own unique approaches to pricing, exchange, market facilitation, and competition can solve that problem and boost productivity. Knowledge Management


A new route for telecom deregulation / Scott Beardsley, Luis Enriquez, and Jon C. Garcia [Mckinsey Quarterly 2004, Number 3]

This article argues that regulation and technology have loosened the incumbents' grip on the 'last mile' in telecommunications, but weakening these companies further could make them abandon their vital investments in infrastructure. Telecommunication


Darwin and the Demon: Innovating Within Established Enterprises / Geoffrey A. Moore [Harvard Business Review, July-August 2004]

Innovation comes in many forms—products, processes, marketing, business models, and more. Which kind should you be pursuing? It depends: Where are you in your product category’s life cycle? To know the fact, read the article. (Management strategy)


Getting the Most out of All Your Customers / by Jacquelyn S. Thomas, Werner Reinartz, and V. Kumar [Harvard Business Review, July-August 2004]

Stable, healthy growth is built on the profitability of customers, not on their raw numbers or their loyalty. New techniques allow companies to focus their marketing dollars precisely where the profits are. (CRM, Profitability of Customers)


Cult brands [BusinessWeek, 9 August 2004)

The BusinessWeek/Interbrand annual ranking of the world's top 100 and most valuable brands. Top 100 brands


A penny for your ideas / Manu Joseph [ Outlook, 2 August 2004)

10 cutting-edge Indian technologies that could transform lives across the world. Technology-India


Do consultants deliver value? Does Indian consulting have a chance? [Indian Management, July 2004] Management

Case study of Indian consulting business


2004 global 500: the world's largest corporations [Fortune, 26 July 2004]

Survey of the world's top 500 corporations.

11 Reservation in private sector: legislation in Maharashtra / P G Jogdand [Economic & Political Weekly, 24 July 2004] Private sector reservation

Demographic regimes and social reproduction of labour / Amiya Kumar Bagchi [Economic & Political Weekly, 24 July 2004]

This article attempts to adduce some historical evidence suggesting the diversity of demographic regimes and its bearing on issues of economic and human development. Labour


Non-agriculture market access negotiations: post-Cancun issues and implications for industrial tariffs / R Mehta, Pooja Agarwal [Economic & Political Weekly, 24 July 2004]

Makes an assessment of the implications of the millennium round of WTO negotiations on Indian industrial tariffs. WTO and Industrial tariffs


Explaining FDI inflows to India, China and the Caribbean: an extended neighbourhood approach / Arindam Bank, Pradip K Bhaumik, Sunday O Iyarre [Economic & Political Weekly, 24 July 2004]

This paper looks at FDI inflows in an alternative approach based on the concepts of neighbourhood and extended neighbourhood. The study shows that the neighbourhood concepts are widely applicable in different contexts - particularly for China and India, and partly in the case of the Caribbean. FDI


ASEAN-India economic relations: current status and future prospects / Rahul Sen, Mukul G Asher, Ramkishen S Rajan [Economic & Political Weekly, 17 July 2004]

Examines the future of ASEAN-India economic relations


  1. Union Budget 2004-05: an analysis. Union Budget

  2. Export potential of Indian dairy products to China. Export-China

  3. US-India: free trade agreement in services / Jayanta Roy with Pritam Banerjee. FTA

  4. Physical connectivity of Chandigarh: a suggested agenda for sustained growth

  5. The Iraq crisis - aftermath / M S Ramachandran. Iraq

  6. Role of LNG/NG in emerging energy markets / Suresh Mathur. Energy

  7. Volatility of oil markets - road ahead / B K Chaturvedi. Energy

  8. Emerging gas markets / Proshanto Banerjee. Energy

  9. Finances of Southern Region States: issues and concerns. State finance



Membership Directory 2004 / All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers' Association


Membership Directory 2004 / Toy Association of India


Membership directory 2003 / Indian Refractory Makers Association


Indian electronics directory 2003-2004 / Electronic Component Industries Association (ELCINA)


Membership directory 2004 / Asbestos Cement Products Manufacturers’ Association


Membership directory 2004 / Consumer Electronics and TV Manufacturers Association


Membership directory 2004 / The Indian Ferro Alloy Producers' Association


Membership directory 2004 / Indian Council of Ceramic Tiles and Sanitaryware (ICCTAS)


Membership directory 2004 / Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association of India (CLFMA)


Membership directory 2004 / Polyurethane Association of India


Membership directory 2004 / Textile Machinery Manufacturers' Association (India)


Membership directory 2004 / Construction Federation of India (CFI)


Membership directory 2004 / Indian Stainless Steel Development Association (ISSDA)


Membership directory 2004 / Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI)


Product and embedded software companies in India directory 2004 / NASSCOM


Indian ITES-BPO service providerS directory 2004 / NASSCOM


Indian IT software and services directory 2003 / NASSCOM


List of members as on 1st April, 2003 / The Institute of Company Secretaries of India.


Directory Indian Windpower 2003 / Consolidated Energy Consultants Ltd


MNC Companies Database / IKON Marketing


Food Processing industry & Trade Directory / Media Today Pvt. Ltd


Directory of Indian project exporters / Overseas Construction Council of India

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