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New Arrivals (June 2004)


Title : Mastering SQL Server 2000
Author : Mike Gunderloy and Joseph L Jorden
Pub. Details : BPB Publications, New Delhi, 2001
Notes :

Indispensable resource for anyone working with the latest version of SQL Server. Covers both administration and development tasks, includes detailed material on transact-SQL, step-by-step coverage of advanced topics, including locking, replication, optimization, English query, and OLAP.

Keywords : Computer science , SQL Server 2000 , Databases , SQL Server Security

Title : Voice and data security
Author: Gregory B White and others
Pub. Details : Techmedia, New Delhi, 2001
Notes :

This book reveals the aspects of telephone and network security that individuals will need to know to build successful and effective voice and data networks.

Keywords :

Computer science , Data security , Network security , Wireless security , Telecommunication firewalls , VoIP , VON Security , Viruses , Worms , Multimedia protocols , Network scanning , Password management and auditing , Firewalls , Broadband security , Law

Title : CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate
Author:  Kevin Mahler
Pub. Details : Techmedia, New Delhi, 1999
Notes : Training guide to Cisco Certified Network Associate.
Keywords :

Computer science , Networking , CCNA, CISCO, Protocols , Routing , Network security , LAN switching 

Title : Modern operating systems, 2nd ed.
Author: Andrew S Tanenbaum
Pub. Details : Pearson Education, New Delhi, 2001
Notes :

This book incorporates the latest developments in operating systems technologies. This authoritative, example-based reference offers practical, hands-on information in constructing and understanding modern operating systems. 

Keywords : Computer science, operating systems technologies

Economic history - India
Title :

Economic history of India, vol. 1 (1757-1857) & 2 (1837-1900)

Author : Romesh Dutt
Pub. Details : Publication Division, Government of India
Notes :

Author describes the various aspects of the economic administration of British government, de-industrialization of India through unfair competition with machine made goods of England, neglect of industrial and agricultural development, high rate of revenue, the consequent impoverishment of the peasantry, the outbreak of famines, the drain of resources through the payment of 'Home charges', financing of expensive wars beyond Indian borders for British imperial interests etc.

Keywords :

Economic history , India

Economic Growth - Andhra Pradesh
Title :

Unlocking the growth opportunities in Andhra Pradesh: an agenda to achieve the vision 2020 growth targets

Author : Deepak Mishra
Pub. Details : The World Bank, South Asia Region, 2003
Notes :

This report aims to identify factors that have constrained Andhra Pradesh's ability to translate its increased factor accumulation into higher and sustained economic growth and poverty reduction, and to suggest appropriate policies and alternative strategies to mitigate these constraints.

Keywords :

Growth barriers , Andhra Pradesh , Economic growth, Growth strategy , States

Title : Governing power
Author : S L Rao
Pub. Details : TERI, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

Governing Power is a pioneering attempt to examine the experience with independent regulation of electricity in India to assess its efficacy as an alternative form of governance. It compares the electricity experience with that of independent regulation in other countries, independent regulatory bodies in India, and old-style regulation by government departments. It evaluates the Indian model in the context of its replication over other sectors of the economy.

Keywords :

Electricity , History , India , Regulation and policy , Electricity regulatory commissions , Effectiveness , Evaluation , Accountability , Regulatory law

Foreign relations - India and China
Title :

India and China: The Way Ahead After "Mao's India War

Author : C V Ranganathan & Vinod C Khanna
Pub. Details : Har-Anand, New Delhi, 2000
Notes :

Examines the mutual misperceptions prevalent among the leadership of both countries after Mao's India War.

Keywords :

Foreign relations , India - China

Market Forecasts - India
Title : Market forecasts and indicators: projections 2005-15
Pub. Details :

Centre for Industrial & Economic Research, Industrial Techno-Economic Services P. Ltd., New Delhi, 2004

Notes :

This is the updated version of 'Market Forecasts and Indicators, Projections: 2005-15'. It provides estimates of past demand, product by product and extrapolates the volumes or values through the vibrant decade terminating in 2014-15. It identifies product variations by divergent denominations, market segments, lead players, foreign tie-ups, and leading brands.

Keywords :

Market forecasts & indicators , Leading brands , Market share , Market structure , Demand , Market growth , India

Public Enterprises - India
Title : Public enterprises survey 2002-2003, vol.1-3
Pub. Details :

Department of Public Enterprises, Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, New Delhi, 2004

Notes :

Annual report of the performance of the central public sector enterprises in India. Volume 1 contains a macro appraisal and analysis of the performance of central public enterprises in terms of broad physical & financial parameters. Volume 2 is an analysis of the performance of the CPSEs in different sectoral groups and of individual enterprises. Volume 3 contains enterprise-wise analytical data for three years viz. 2002-2003, 2001-2002 and 2000-2001. The information consists of summarised balance-sheet, summarised profit and loss account and important management ratios.

Keywords :

Public sector enterprises , Survey , Statistics , India

Title :

The politics of ASEAN: an introduction to Southeast Asian regionalism

Author: Estrella D Solidum
Pub. Details : Eastern Universities Press, Singapore, 2003
Notes :

This book begins by reviewing the region when it comprised various settlements, going all the way up to modern times when the region became known as Southeast Asia. Then the book presents the genesis of ASEAN and its early experiences with the concept of cooperation. Also included is the latest profile and a brief history of each member state.

Keywords : ASEAN, Regionalism , Southeast Asia

Law - Malaysia
Title : Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (Act 588) and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998 (Act 589)
Pub. Details : Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad
Notes : Laws of Malaysia on communications and multimedia.
Keywords : Law , Malaysia , Communications , Multimedia

Communication Technology - Malaysia
Title :

Communications and multimedia in Malaysia: looking back and planning ahead

Pub. Details :

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, Kuala Lumpur, 2002

Notes :

A historical and illustrated sketch of telecommunications, broadcast and the development of multimedia in Malaysia.

Keywords :

Malaysia , Telecommunications , Multimedia , Communication technology

Business Opportunities - Colombia

Title : Business guide for Colombia
Pub. Details : Embassy of India, Colombia, 2004
Notes :

Colombia offers the fifth largest market in Latin America having the third largest manufacturing and industrial economy of this region and a highly urbanized and consumption oriented population of over 44 million. 

Keywords : Doing business , Business opportunities , Colombia 

World Development Indicators
Title : World development indicators, 2004
Pub. Details : The World Bank, Washington, 2004
Notes :

World Development Indicators 2004 is a compilation of statistical data that contains over 80 tables and over 800 indicators for 152 economies and 14 country groups, as well as basic indicators for a further 55 economies.

Keywords :

Development indicators , Population , Labour , Employment , Unemployment , Poverty , Education , Health , Nutrition , Mortality , Environment , Pollution - water & air , Energy efficiency & emissions, Economy , Growth of output , Manufacturing , Merchandise trade , Service exports & imports , Structure of demand , Consumption and investment , Government finances , Monetary indicators , Balance of payments , External debt , World - private sector investment , FDI , Stock markets , Tax policies , Relative prices & exchange rates , Defense expenditures & arms transfers , Transport infrastructure , Power and communications , Science & technology , OECD trade , Commodity prices , Tariff barriers , Regional trade , Aid flows , Aid dependency , Multilateral treaties , Bibliography

World economy
Title : World economic outlook, April 2004
Pub. Details : International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington, 2004
Notes :

This is an analysis of projections of developments in international financial markets and global economic system.

Keywords :

World economy , International financial markets , Output , Inflation , Financial policies , Foreign trade , Current account , Balance of payments , External debt , Flow of funds , Emerging markets , Developing countries , GDP, Unemployment , Employment , Implications of the US fiscal deficit , Structural reforms.

Title : A fair globalization: creating opportunities for all
Pub. Details :

World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization, Geneva, 2004

Notes :

Globalisation is a divisive subject. It verges on a dialogue of the deaf, both nationally and internationally. Yet the future of our countries, and the destiny of our globe, demands that we all rethink globalisation. This timely report describes in detail the pros and cons of globalisation in the present scenario, capturing faithfully the hopes and fears of our shared humanity.

Keywords :

Globalisation - nature and impact , Governance of globalisation , Reform at global level , Mobilizing action for change

Global Financial Services
Title : The future of financial services
Author : KPMG
Pub. Details : Technology Publishing, London
Notes :

This book is a collection of articles on global financial services which also presents profiles of companies engaged in the business of providing such services.

Keywords :

Financial services, CRM, Business strategies, Enterprise systems, Electronic commerce, Governance


  1. Theme paper of the 'HRM Summit [13-14 February 2004: New Delhi]'

  2. Background paper of the 'National Conference on World-Class Logistics Network in India: A Strategic Approach [28 May 2004: New Delhi]'

  3. Background paper for the 'Export Summit: facilitating export growth in the East [15-16 June 2004: Kolkata]'

  4. India's broadband economy: vision 2010

  5. Public Private Partnership in Re-Greening of Degraded Revenue / Private / Forest Land - Cost Benefit Analysis

  6. Coimbatore - an IT & ITES destination of choice - A comprehensive study of Coimbatore as an IT destination and feasibility of setting up of an IT park.

  7. CII Annual Report 2003

  8. Anandspeak: excerpts from [Anand Mahindra's] speeches 2003-2004

  9. Doing business with China

  10. Uttaranchal: an investor's guide

  11. Industrial policies of Northern Region States: a comparative study

  12. Proceedings of the 'AGRICON 2004, CII-DASP Conference on Opportunities in Agricultural Diversification and Food Processing in Uttaranchal [23-24 January 2004: Uttaranchal]'

  13. Souvenir of the 'India Stone Mart 2003 [31 Jan - 4 Feb 2003: Jaipur]

  14. India Stone Mart 2003: exhibitor catalogue

  15. Theme paper of the 'North India - the Biotech gateway: Conference on Potential & Emerging Opportunities in Biotechnology [4-5 February 2004: New Delhi]'

  16. Background paper for the 'Conference on Empowering Young Women Through Entrepreneurship [8 March 2004: Chennai]'

  17. India-Myanmar Cooperation: new and innovative opportunities [19-22 February 2004: Yangon]

  18. Union Budget 2004-05: Pre Budget Memorandum, June 2004

  19. Proceedings of the CII's 2nd Agriculture Summit 2004 [11-12 May 2004: Jaipur]

  20. Proceedings of a 'Workshop on Technology Financing in SMEs: Towards Global Competitiveness [21 April 2004: New Delhi]'

  21. Proceedings of the 11th Quality Summit [4-6 November 2003: Bangalore]




Moving to India (Business India Intelligence, 9 June 2004)

The world's biggest microchip makers are expanding their design centres in India, while new entrants are setting up and electronics design automation companies are also increasing their investment. Chip designing industry


Twelfth Finance Commission: view from Kerala / K P Kannan, R Mohan (Economic and Political Weekly, 5 June 2004)
Reviews the terms of reference of the Twelfth Finance Commission with special reference to Kerala. It also critically examines the emphasis on fiscal deficit reduction without paying attention to its quality and finds that this has led to the centre and the states resorting to a softer option of cutting productive capital and necessary maintenance and social sector expenditure.
Finance Commission (12th) - India


Growth and reforms during 1980s and 1990s / Arvind Panagariya (Economic and Political Weekly, 19 June 2004)
This paper concludes with a discussion of why the growth rate in India nevertheless continues to trail that of China.
Economic reforms - India


Agriculture diversification in South Asia: patterns, determinants and policy implications / P K Joshi and others (Economic and Political Weekly, 12 June 2004)
South Asian countries are gradually diversifying with some inter-country variation in favour of high value commodities, namely, fruits, vegetables, livestock and fisheries. This article studies the diversification of agriculture in South Asia.
Diversification of agriculture - South Asia


BS 8555: 2003 - remapping environmental management system implmentation (Green Business Opportunities, Vol. 10 Issue 1, Jan-Mar 2004)
Analysis of the British Standard 8555, a guidance document that provides a step by step EMS implementation approach to ISO 14001.


Coca Cola, Ericsson, Gas Natural and Eroski Group will work with their supply chains in Spain to improve environmental performance (Green Business Opportunities, Vol. 10 Issue 1, Jan-Mar 2004). Corporate environment practice


Can IBM get great again? / David Kirkpatrick (Fortune, 14 June 2004)
How IBM would become by the end of 2005, IT's first $100-billion-a-year company? The answer is - only if Sam Palmisano, CEO of IBM, delivers awesome numbers. The article also presents a comprehensive case study of IBM.


The future of wireless (Cover story, Newsweek,7-14 June 2004)
The world is in the midst of a second wireless revolution, as profound as the one that gave us radio 100 years ago. As cell phones become more and more powerful, many think they're on course to replace the PC. NEWSWEEK examines the possibilities, and looks at 10 cities around the world at the forefront of the new technology.
Wireless technology



India 2004 Business Directory - Provides contact details of the CEOs of the top public and private sector companies including multi-nationals, trade organisations, banks and insurance sector companies in India.


CII Membership Directory 2004 - Contains details of around 5000 direct members of CII.


FMM - MATRADE industry directory: building materials, 2nd edition, 2004-05 - Provides contact details of companies dealing in building materials business in Malaysia.


E-Mail directory of institutions in India - List of about 2400 institutions in India


Who 2004 - A resource book of the top professionals in advertising, marketing and media in India

6 Central Government Officials, June 2004

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