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New Arrivals (May 2004)


Title :

Treasures of Asian art: The Asia Society's Mr. and Mrs. John D. Fockefeller 3rd collection

Author : Denise Patry Leidy
Pub. Details : The Asia Soeciety Galleries, New York, 1994
Notes :

The art collection of The Asia Society, New York... is a select group of masterpieces known for its high quality and the superb condition of the works. Especially strong in ceramics and sculpture, the collection comprises 285 objects from the area stretching from Pakistan to Japan to Indonesia. It includes numerous art-historically important works, and is a valuable tool for examining Asian artistic traditions through the finest and most beautiful examples.

Keywords : Asian Arts, Catalogues, Art collections


Title : Lasting legacies
Pub. Details : Tata Services Ltd., Mumbai, 2004
Notes :

The narratives in this special issue describe the businesses the Tatas (from 1839 onwards) have built, the temples of learning and research they have established, the communities and townships they have crafted, and the contributions they have made to Indian sports and arts.

Keywords :

Tata, History, Business biography, Jamsetji Tata, Naval Tata, JRD Tata


Title : The Indian cement industry
Pub. Details : ICRA, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

The report analyses the major factors that govern the dynamics of the cement industry in India and features a corporate digest, presenting summary information and analysis on 12 prominent cement companies in India.

Keywords :

Cement industry, India, Product and technology, Manufacturing process, Raw materials, Market structure, Infrastructure, coal, power, transportation, Demand and supply, Economics, Corporate profiles, Company profiles, Cement companies

Title : Civil list 2004
Pub. Details :

The Indian Administrative Service, Ministry of Personnel…, Government of India, 2004

Notes :

Combined list of IAS Officers appointed under various categories defined by the Indian Administrative Service.

Keywords : Indian Administrative Service, IAS, India.

Title : .Net e-business architecture
Author : David Burgett and others
Pub. Details : Techmedia, New Delhi, 2002
Notes :

.Net e-Business Architecture explains the key concepts behind the most important technologies in the .NET platform: C#, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SOAP, and XML-based web services. It covers planning considerations and provides practical examples of how to effectively implement these technologies, as well as when and why they should be considered.

Keywords :

Computer Science, Programming, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, SOAP, Visual Basic.NET

Title : Reliance review of energy markets
Pub. Details : Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai, 2002
Notes :

This book is a comprehensive commentary on energy scenario in the world and in India. The major issues covering all the segments of the energy sector, viz. oil, natural gas, coal, electricity (thermal, hydro, nuclear and non-conventional) and environment are addressed.

Keywords :

Energy industry, World, India, Energy consumption, Crude oil, Petroleum products, Natural gas, Coal, Nuclear energy, Electricity, Climate change, Clean environment, Hydro electricity, Renewable energy, Energy security, energy policies

Title :

Indian industrial tariffs: towards WTO development round negotiations

Author : Rajesh Mehta
Pub. Details : RIS, New Delhi, 2003
Notes :

In this report, an attempt has been made to analyse India’s current bindings in terms of domestic sensitivity to import and to identify tariff lines (or commodities). Effort has also been made to suggest the possible level of binding rates in the present multilateral negotiations. An analysis has been carried out for 9,467 tariff lines (of the industrial sector) which are defined by the 8-digit level of Harmonised System.

Keywords : Industrial tariffs, Import sensitivity, Tariff bindings, India, WTO

Title : Master of the ring
Author : A P Maheshwari
Pub. Details : Indiana Books, New Delhi, 2004
Notes :

Maheshwari has tried to point out what ails the nation. He finds that ‘the King is naked’. How does he give him clothes, when there are none to give? The reality on the ground is different, bitter, brutal and barbaric.” Maheshwari’s book is relevant in two ways. One, it may shake the nation’s conscience. Two, it may make people more aware of the holes in the system.” This book in the form of animal tales opens our eyes to our present state of degradation in the political and administrative system.

Keywords :

Political corruption, Political culture, Bureaucracy, Political system, India

Title : Punjab development report
Pub. Details : Planning Commission, Government of India, 2003
Notes :

A vision document for Punjab presenting comprehensive analysis on the topics listed in the keyword section.

Keywords :

Punjab, Development, Economic indicators, Rural development, Industrial development, Infrastructure, Power, Information technology, telecommunication, transport, Urban development, Population, Health, Education, Labour, Employment


Title : Corporate safety plan (2003-2013)
Pub. Details : Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India, 2003
Notes : White Paper on safety on the Indian railways.
Keywords : Railways, India, Corporate safety plan, Safety measures, White paper

Title : Tourism statistics 2002 [in Hindi]
Pub. Details : Market and Research Division, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, 2003
Notes : Statistics of the Indian and world tourism sector for the year 2002.
Keywords : Tourism, India, Statistics,

Title :

Round Table Conference on Water Quality and Wetlands: Socio-economic and Ecological Importance [12-13 March 2003: New Delhi]

Pub. Details :

Ministry of Water Resources and Indian Water Resources Society, New Delhi, 2003

Notes :

Proceedings of the Round Table Conference on Water Quality and Wetlands: Socio-economic and Ecological Importance [12-13 March 2003: New Delhi]

Keywords :

Water, Wetlands, Wetland management, Wetland conservation, Mangroves


  1. National Seminar on Infrastructure for Network Centric Warfare [25-26 May 2004: New Delhi] – Background paper

  2. The Agriculture Summit 2004 [11-12 May 2004: Jaipur] - Proceedings

  3. Conference on Natural Gas / LNG: The New Options in Power Fuel Basket [7 May 2004: New Delhi] - Proceedings

  4. Army-industry partnership: bridging the gap formulating a national strategy [19-20 December 2003: New Delhi] – Background paper

  5. Economy of China 1978-2003 (Part A: The Domestic Context)

  6. Economy of China 1978-2003 (Part B: The External Economy)

  7. National conference on interlinking rivers: a win-win situation [29 October 2003: New Delhi] – Proceedings

  8. Round table discussion on pension reforms, 16 February 2004

  9. Showcasing success stories (Theme paper of the annual session 2004) / CII – Eastern Region

  10. Competitiveness through innovation: Karnataka State annual report 2003-04 (CII-Karnataka)

  11. Market mechanisms for air pollution control: exploring applications in the Indian power sector [12-13 March 2002: New Delhi] - Proceedings



1.      Gems and jewellery – sector report / Souvik Banerjee (Communique, May 2004). Gems and jewellery

2.      Instrumentation industry: the changing face / Arvind Verma (SID, March 2004). Instrumentation industry

3.       Indian paint industry: recent developments / Ravi Marphatia (SID, March 2004). Paint industry

4.      Corporate social responsibility in small and medium scale industries: study of CSR practices in small and medium scale industries in Pune / Anil Revankar (Business and Community Foundation, 2004). Corporate social responsibility in SMEs

5.       Public-private partnerships in urban governance: the case of Mumbai and Bangalore / Sanjiv Vasudeo Aundhe (Business and Community Foundation, 2004). Public-private partnership in urban governance

6.      From waste paper to recycled paper: towards an environmentally sustainable world / Chandni Khanduja ( Business and Community Foundation, 2004). Waste paper

7.       FMCG sector: what ails this behemoth? / Amit Agnihotri & Raji Menon (Pitch, March 2004). FMCG

8.       India and ASEAN: geopolitical concerns / S S Sreekumar (World Affairs, Jan-Mar 2004). India and ASEAN

9.       The outsourcing bogeyman / Daniel W Drezner (Foreign Affairs, May-June 2004). Outsourcing -US

10.    Is nanotech ready for its close-up? / Nicholas Varchaver (Fortune, 24 May 2004)

The tiny science has inspired hundreds of startups and bigtime hype. So why are its accomplishments as prosaic as car moldings and pants? Nanotechnology

11.    Gunning for Linux / Roger Parloff (Fortune, 24 May 2004)

The free operating system Linux-backed by IBM, HP and others – is breaking Microsoft’s monopoly. But a lawsuit by SCO, which claims to own parts of the code, could wreck the party. Operating system - Linux

12.    The queen of nukes / Richard Tomlinson (Fortune, 24 May 2004)

Anne Lauvergeon, head of French nuclear giant Areva, wants the world to give atomic power another chance. Is the world ready to listen? Nuclear energy

13.    Fewer and fewer: joint ventures in India (Business India Intelligence, 12 May 2004)

With the liberalisation of foreign investment rules and the lifting of foreign equity caps in most sectors, joint ventures are becoming increasingly rare in India. Joint ventures - India

14.    Steel industry: a performance analysis / S Rohini (Economic and Political Weekly, 17 April 2004)

This article looks at the performance of the Indian steel industry and specifically examines certain major players, both during the downturn as well as the recent upswing, when recovery in prices has bolstered the bottom lines of companies. Steel Industry

15.    Finances of State Governments 1992-2003 (Special statistics) (Economic and Political Weekly, 17 April 2004). State government finances - statistics

16.    Enlargement of EU: effect on India’s trade / Geethanjali Natraj and Pravakar Sahoo (Economic and Political Weekly, 17 April 2004) – EU-India trade relations

17.    The face of reform / Aravind Adiga (Time, 31 May 2004)

Challenges before new Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his bid to lift up India’s rural poor. Challenges of New government - India

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